Shruti Dat?

Transferring three years to paper

A dear friend recently asked me if I regretted transferring to GW from the University of Missouri-Columbia my sophomore year. Without a moment’s hesitation, I said, “No.” My three years at GW have been a collection of bittersweet memories, which my heart will treasure and my mind will analyze forever. I grew close to those […]

Mount Vernon forms advisory council

The GW Student Association Senate recently passed a resolution endorsing the Mount Vernon advisory council, a system of ad hoc committees formed to address the needs of students at the all-female campus. “(Mount Vernon) students have very different needs,” said Jesse Strauss, SA executive vice president. “The SA needs to take a hands-off approach.” The […]

GW student creates digital democracy

GW senior Einat Sandman teamed with a high school friend in 1998 to create Digital Democracy, an interactive political Web site that provides voters an information center and forum about Silicon Valley politics. “I am from California, and I used to feel guilty filling out a ballot because I did not know the candidates on […]

ESIA students decry $100 fee

Graduate students in the Elliott School of International Affairs who oppose the University’s $100 Commencement fee presented their case to President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg in a Feb. 17 letter. “This letter is to express our displeasure with the $100 graduation fee that the Board to Trustees reinstituted this year,” according to the letter from International […]

Alexis Rice

For Student Association presidential candidate Alexis Rice, enhanced communication at GW is key to the success of its students – from the student body to the SA and the SA to the administration. “The SA should not do things behind closed doors,” Rice said. “The more the average student knows, the more students leaders can […]

ANC voices concerns about new hospital

The local Advisory Neighborhood Commission expressed concern about the proposed site of a new GW hospital and discussed student housing issues related to its construction at a meeting Wednesday in the Marvin Center. Commissioners raised strong concerns about student enrollment and whether the construction of a new hospital will help the community. The members created […]

JCFS to vote on sexual assault definition

The Joint Committee of Faculty and Students is expected to vote on changes in the Student Code of Conduct’s definition of sexual assault, rape and consent in the next month. Adam Siple, who headed an ad hoc Student Association subcommittee on the subject two years ago, presented a proposal to the JCFS at its Jan. […]

GW fails to clarify location of classes

GW students who unknowingly registered for courses at the Mount Vernon campus were frustrated on the first day of the new semester when they could not find their classes. Students enrolled in several English 11 sections, economics 12 and statistics 53 searched for a building designated “ACAD,” under which many Mount Vernon courses were listed. […]

Powell’s `promise’ takes flight

Gen. Colin Powell’s brainchild, America’s Promise: The Alliance for Youth, and United Airlines announced a partnership to promote volunteerism Thursday morning in the Marvin Center ballroom. The initiative, VolunteerMiles, will award 10,000 student volunteers a total of 100 million frequent flyer miles annually for their services. The initiative also links America’s Promise with one of […]

Mitchell Hall `nation’ wins regional award

On the first and second floors of Mitchell Hall, what could be the world’s tiniest nation held a state dinner Thursday. It was the second formal dinner held by the residents of the Republic of Veena, and the ministers of protocol, central intelligence, defense and oil all were in attendance. The nation’s population – mostly […]