Shivan Sarna

NSA study says Freedom of Information Act response slow

President Barack Obama pledged to improve government agencies’ responsiveness to Freedom of Information Act, but a study by GW’s National Security Archives found that despite a presidential memo, barely half of the federal agencies have made strides to improve the FOIA process. Obama issued a memorandum in 2009 promising his administration would “disclose information rapidly […]

Students discuss profiling in alerts

When Metropolitan Police Department officers pulled Sam Collins aside, saying he matched the description of a suspect for an on-campus robbery, the senior was angry. Collins said his anger motivated him to produce a documentary on racial profiling at GW, focusing on University Crime Alerts that offer vague suspect descriptions. The documentary aired Tuesday evening […]

Five percent break University bar notices

Nearly 20 individuals barred from GW property over the past year have unlawfully returned to campus since their ban. Seventeen of the 358 people barred from campus between Feb. 17, 2010 and Feb. 17, 2011, violated the notice and unlawfully entered GW property within that time frame, University Police Chief Kevin Hay said. Four were […]

GW unveils anti-smoking campaign

The University launched a campaign to offer resources and counseling to smokers looking to kick their habit, going against the national trend of colleges banning smoking on campus all together. Rather than instituting a smoke-free policy, the University started the “Be a Quitter!” campaign, which offers a hotline to call for information on support services […]

UPD arrests suspected ‘lunchtime bandit’

University Police Department officers arrested a man dubbed as the “lunchtime bandit” Tuesday, an alleged burglar who reportedly began breaking into vehicles parked in campus parking garages during lunch hours in December. UPD Chief Kevin Hay said the subject has allegedly broken into six cars during lunchtime and stolen more than $1,000 worth of electronics […]

Howard, Georgetown donate to Gray transition

Two D.C. universities wrote checks in support of Mayor Vincent Gray’s transition team, a fundraising report released earlier this month shows, but GW did not join the colleges in offering money to its alumnus. Howard University was among the top donors to Gray’s transition and inauguration, contributing $25,000 to the fund. Neighboring Georgetown University donated […]