Shannon Flaherty

Forum: At 100 days, success for president

Since taking office, President George W. Bush has focused on his compassionate conservative agenda of improving schools, cutting taxes, empowering faith- and community-based organizations, laying the foundation for Medicare and Social Security reform and rebuilding our military. In his first 100 days Bush has proven he is a strong leader who is doing what he […]

Forum: Tax cuts will jumpstart economy

What a difference an administration makes. President George W. Bush made good on his campaign promises by offering broad-based tax relief. The Bush plan will straighten out inequalities in the current system while boosting a slowing economy. For students with a part time job or entering the workforce, this policy will make a difference in […]

Forum: Bush won on two counts

This election marks one of the most exciting yet disgusting displays in American political history. We have an election contested on the idea that ballots were deliberately not counted, yet we still declared George W. Bush the winner. Al Gore refuses to concede despite the votes in Florida being counted twice, with Bush in the […]

Ronald Reagan – an American hero

How will history treat Ronald Reagan? When asked about his legacy, will one quip Alzheimer’s and Iran Contra or Ending the Cold War and Resurrecting the Economy? We at the GW College Republicans, quite frankly, worship the man. It’s as if he were a god brought to Earth to end the viscous tyranny of communist […]