Shannon Derby

Trading spaces GW style

At 10 a.m. Saturday, the ground was damp, the sky was gloomy and most people on campus were warm and cozy, asleep in their beds. I made my way over to the Program Board office, ready to observe a day of room swapping and redecorating – “Trading Spaces” style. Junior Kate Currier and sophomore Erica […]

Reviewing the options

Sex. It’s everywhere – on television, in GW residence halls and on most college students’ minds. Yet, the average 20-year-old is thinking not about parenthood, but rather how to prevent parenthood. Over the years, various methods of birth control have made this task easier for college coeds and can be obtained by a physician, Student […]

The art of dating

When a young man wants to show a special lady how much he cares for her, he gives her his pin. Maybe he gives her his letter jacket after the sock-hop to show her that he wants to go steady. If he’s lucky, they might neck in his backseat atop Lookout Point. Yeah, back in […]

Too good to be true

What does the penis say to the condom? Cover me, I am going in. Double click on a link to receive three trial issues of Maxim and earn points toward condoms. The consumer gets a few magazines and a few condoms – all free of charge. The advertiser receives publicity and some of the consumers’ […]

Curtains up!

It is eight o’clock in the evening and most students are studying at Gelman, grabbing a quick bite to eat at J Street or finding a way to procrastinate on their schoolwork. But in Buliding XX and on the fourth floor of the Marvin Center, students are sobbing, laughing uncontrollably and even screaming. The sounds […]

DCD: Strolling through D.C.’s best garden

United States Botanic Gardens Nov. 9, 2002 2 p.m. As the weather in D.C. gets a little bit cooler with the onset of autumn, I wanted to find fun things to do around the city that are also located indoors. Thus began my journey to the Mall to visit the United States Botanic Gardens. Despite […]

INTERVIEW: Johnny Knoxville’s ‘mile of cock’

“I was asleep on the couch one day and (my dad) got a hot dog and ran it through my mouth. When I woke up he acted like he was zipping his pants.” Thus ends the search for the source of Johnny Knoxville’s crude humor and violently slapstick comedy. As Knoxville explained in a recent […]

DC Diary: Mysteries of the immortal Ancient Egypt

Thebes, Ancient Egypt Thursday, 1300 BC 10:30 a.m. Dunes covered with golden sand extend to one side of me for miles and if I close my eyes, I can almost feel moisture in the air carried by the winds of the Nile. The sound of flapping wings echo from a falcon above in the sky. […]

Adding alternative art

Bored on a Saturday afternoon? Can’t think of anything to do? Want a huge Celtic knot on your back? Here’s a suggestion: Venture to one of D.C.’s safe and reputable tattoo parlors and pick out a clever design or part of your body to pierce. Fatty’s Custom Tattooz, in Dupont Circle, and Jinx Proof, in […]