Sehar Raziuddin

WEB EXTRA: Movie review: “American Dreamz”

“Are Americans to blame for America?” Omer asks his friend in the weirdly funny film “American Dreamz” (Universal Pictures). This somewhat stimulating question is one of the many that remains unanswered in Paul Weitz’s (“About a Boy,” “American Pie”) new comedy. Oh yeah, and Omer is a potential terrorist who’s having a moral dilemma before […]

‘Firewall’ goes up in flames

When did Harrison Ford become MacGyver? In Warner Bros. new movie “Firewall,” Harrison Ford takes his iconic tough-guy persona to a ridiculous new level. Ford plays Jack Stanfield, doting husband and father, and senior banking executive. One day Jack thinks he’s meeting with another client, but it turns out to be an elaborate plan orchestrated […]

Man in Black: ‘Walk the Line’ tells the tale of country crooner Cash

“What’s with the black? Looks like you’re going to a funeral.” “Maybe I am.” It’s this bleak attitude that characterizes the self-destructive behavior of the Man in Black in the new film “Walk the Line” (20th Century Fox). Everyone is familiar with Johnny Cash – his black wardrobe, aching songs and steely voice; but what […]

WEB EXTRA: Film Review – The orthodox side of life

“Ushpizin” (Picturehouse Films) is a unique and rare collaboration between the secular and orthodox Jewish communities in Israel. The fusion of these two very different backgrounds creates an objective and honest portrayal of the orthodox community. The secular director, Gidi Dar, was friends with actor-screenwriter Shuli Rand when Rand was a famous Israeli actor, before […]