Sean Rose

Getting your football fix

Are you ready for some football? Even if you are ready for America’s favorite fall sport, you aren’t getting any from GW. Since 1967, the GW football team has gone undefeated. A casual fan might think GW has the longest, most unbelievable winning streak in the history of college football. Yet, GW does not have […]

Where the boys are

“There are boys at Mount Vernon?” freshman Swathi Veravalli asked. Beginning this semester, 68 men joined 192 female students at the Mount Vernon Campus. But many females said they do not notice the male presence. “I don’t see them around,” freshman Laila Hasan said. “More guys come up from Foggy Bottom to eat here.” Originally […]

DCD:Moving on up

HOVA move-in Wednesday August 22, 2001 9 a.m. I heard all the horror stories. “You’ll never get an elevator.” “Pack a lunch because it’s going to be a lonnnnnnng day.” After hearing about the pleasures of move-in day, it sounded more like the most depressing day of my life rather than the most exciting. Nevertheless, […]