Sean Redding

Sean Redding: Are GW students making the grade?

Last week, the entire GW community discovered the sad truth about our school: It’s getting dumber. Well, maybe. Members of a committee in the Faculty Senate recently released a report entitled “The Decline in Elite Freshmen Admission” which highlights an enrollment decrease for students with strong academic records. Of course, high levels of intelligence do […]

Sean Redding: Whining not always worth it

Every so often, it’s good to look at the big picture. Two weeks ago, when I first received an e-mail inviting me to participate in a luncheon with a team from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, I thought, “Hey, free lunch, why not?” But I’m happy to say the experience turned out to […]

Sean Redding: Continuing to shape a legacy

Political excitement fills the air in Washington today. The general elections are still months away and yet, people just cannot help themselves from focusing constantly on the next president’s administration. In fact, all over the country people cannot stop focusing on November, on next year, on the future. Of course the future’s important. And it […]

Sean Redding: Affording GW, even overseas

As University President Steven Knapp and his administration continue to search for ways to increase GW’s affordability, they cannot ignore our study abroad policies. Of course, this is not the first time this has been suggested, but this is the first year in many that the GW administration is actually prioritizing affordability (or at least […]

Sean Redding: A Super Tuesday for Democrats

After months of build-up, Super Tuesday is finally here. Tuesday’s series of primaries may well decide the Democratic and Republican nominees for President. That makes this week an exciting time across the nation, and especially at a school like GW, recently ranked by the Princeton Review as the most politically active campus in the nation. […]

Sean Redding: Confession of a Student Association reporter

Last week, the GW Joint Elections Committee announced Feb. 27 and 28 as tentative Student Association election dates, officially starting the end of the Nicole Capp and Brand Kroeger administration. At this point, it is impossible to know who their successors will be, but one thing is for sure: they have a tough act to […]

Sean Redding: Inaugurating an age of apathy

Maybe University President Steven Knapp’s inauguration Friday really was nothing new. Maybe he said the same things every new university president says across the country; maybe he said the same things President Emeritus Stephen Joel Trachtenberg said 19 years ago. Maybe the speeches and the slogan were nothing more than rhetoric, tools for the offices […]

Sean Redding: Time to confront GW’s price tag

Last year, with the imminent retirement of both University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg and chairman of the Board of Trustees Charles Manatt, there was much talk of fresh new leadership and a welcomed change. GW may have gotten what it wanted. The GW community saw the first solid example of this fresh new leadership at […]

Sean Redding: Is there still hope for a student fee increase?

The recent defeat of the proposed student fee increase should not be the end of the line. Student Association President Nicole Capp said last Tuesday that she would ask the Board of Trustees to look into the fee, which funds GW’s many student organizations. Capp’s got the right idea: getting more money to student organizations […]

Sean Redding: The next step for Knapp

Someone’s been working hard on University President Steven Knapp’s public image. The past two weeks of coverage in The Hatchet, Foggy Bottom Current and The Washington Post have been filled with photo-ops of the former Johns Hopkins University provost helping with move-in, reaching out to GW neighbors and checking out his soon-to-be home, just across […]