Scott Figatner

Hatchet Expat: Savoring the mundane

“El Mundo o El País?” said the flight attendant, extending two newspapers out in front of me. “The World or The Country?” I asked myself, not thinking much of it at the time. I noticed a man in business attire across the aisle reading El Mundo. The world is larger, I justified. “El Mundo, por […]

Serving healthy fodder for her alma mater

For a local restaurant owner, giving back to GW is a family affair – with plenty of fruits and vegetables involved. In 2010 Annie Leconte, her husband Didier Leconte and her son Eric opened Litestars, a restaurant she describes as a “healthier quick bistro” that specializes in gourmet tartlets, grain-based salads and their newly copyrighted […]

Lebanese Please!

As the rain plummeted, wreaking havoc on our shared umbrella, my friend and I sloshed to Kababji Grill. We arrived at the empty restaurant and wrung out our shirts in the restroom sink. But rain or shine, Kababji never fails to whet our appetites. Kababji is an international franchise with its flagship in Beirut, with […]

Hatchet Recipes: Scott’s Sips: A more mature Bananas Foster

Inspired by my stay in The Big Easy, I decided to take New Orleans’ most iconic dessert, the Bananas Foster, and make an alcoholic shake out of it. Created at Brennan’s Restaurant, the dish’s sweetness and richness cuts the sting out of dark rum and brings out its flavor. Made with brown sugar, cinnamon, bananas, […]

Beyond the bars: The flavor of H Street

A casual daytime stroll down the sleepy H Street corridor hides the spirited North East bar scene that comes alive at night. By day, H Street Corridor is fairly mundane. The pawnshops and used clothing stores are some of the only places open, and crumbling storefronts dot the area. But at night, the street is […]

A cause worth tasting for

Imagine if all it took to give charity was eating a multi-course meal from Georgetown’s finest restaurants. The Taste of Georgetown event made this a reality for the 18th year Saturday. With over 40 restaurants and featuring over 60 dishes, this year’s event was the largest yet and included jazz performances and wine and beer […]

Warhol makes headlines

Andy Warhol created icons out of the mundane: a bottle of coke, a soup can and even a banana. His inspiration also stemmed from another commonplace item, tabloid news – a routine, often unnoticed fixture in everyday life. This inspiration soon became an obsession and, now, an exhibition. “Warhol: Headlines” opened at The National Gallery […]

At-large candidates vie for D.C. college student votes

Seven candidates for the D.C. councilmember at-large position vied for the support of students Saturday at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, telling those in attendance how they would work to address issues facing college students and youth in the District. Democratic candidates Sekou Biddle, Tom Brown, Joshua Lopez, Dorothy Douglas, Bryan Weaver, Statehood […]

Sex and love in print

Sexuality and love are common themes on campus – at least in GW’s longest-running student art and literary magazine, Wooden Teeth. “If you read the past issues, you will see that there is a style that GW students consistently lean towards,” editor in chief Aaron Friedman said. After a class activity inspired him, Friedman studied […]