Scott Figatner

Bites and Booze

Follow these simple recipes to add just the right amount of flavor to any celebration. Improving an Indian favorite: palak paneer While I have a healthy obsession with spinach and cheese, palak paneer tends to be a dish that often looks better on the menu than it tastes on most restaurants’ plates. I found myself […]

Holiday Recipes

Hanukkah Blintzes Blintzes: Neither a football play nor a military tactic, but a delightful Hanukkah dish. I took the classic preparation – tender crepes stuffed with ricotta and cream cheese and topped with a type of fruit syrup – and simplified it. Basic Crepe Batter Ingredients: 1 cup milk 1/4 cup cold water 2 eggs […]

Bites and Booze

Follow these simple recipes to add just the right amount of flavor to any celebration. Fire and Ice What’s more fun than doing a shot with friends? The answer is obvious: doing two shots with friends. Fire and Ice is a duo that begins with a spicy shot of Fireball Whiskey, Sriracha hot sauce and […]

Time to political party

O-bomb-a Consult your cabinet. If you have champagne and limoncello, you’ve got what it takes to add some hope and change to your Election Night cocktail. Simply drop a shot of limoncello into a glass of lemon-infused champagne if you want to be liberal with your libation. No Democratic election party is complete without the […]

The Pregame: Scott’s Sips – Summer style sangria

To save money before a big night out, drink in. It’s hardly summer in Spain until people are outside drinking tinto de verano, a popular sangria-like drink that mixes wine with lemon-lime soda. To combine the fruity flavor of sangria with the light bubbliness of tinto de verano, I made mine with strawberries — inspired […]

Hatchet Expat: Taking a bite out of new experiences

In Spain, the orange is king. You can find juicers that turn out gallons of the freshly squeezed nectar in every bar and restaurant. All of Spain’s naranjas are first-rate, and a glass of their juice is so sweet and refreshing here that it bears hardly any resemblance to Tropicana. That’s why I have been […]