Scott Artley

The Ladies’ Man: Moliere’s Don Juan returns to original form

Full of frenzied energy, The Shakespeare Theatre’s production of Moli?re’s classic play Don Juan has a surprisingly contemporary feel. Director Stephen Wadsworth’s new translation and adaptation of the work, coupled with a sumptuous visual aesthetic and energetic blocking, invigorates the text with an overindulgent style that seems only fitting for the pre-Revolution era. The program […]

WEB EXTRA: A little off the top: Cuttin’ Up D.C. barbershops

When the house lights dimmed on Arena Stage’s world-premiere performance of Cuttin’ Up, the audience heard a familiar radio personality telling them how to be an appropriate theatre audience. The voice told everyone not to eat, crinkle candy wrappers or talk during the performance – common sense to most of the audience who had probably […]

‘Proof’ – a performance more complicated than calculus

I sat in the Betts Theatre’s house seat, overhearing the lighting crew of the latest Department of Theatre and Dance production Proof joking as the stage manager called the actors to take their places for the opening scene. “So what show are we doing tonight?” the lighting designer asked with a straight face. “The Wizard […]