Saumya Narechania

Saumya Narechania: In defense of D.C.’s zone system

If you are reading this on the way to Capitol Hill by yourself and traveling by cab, you will pay $6.50 when you disembark. I know that for a fact, unless you are commuting at rush hour, it is snowing or you are carrying some baggage, in which case the fare will be slightly higher. […]

Saumya Narechania: Who’s reading what?

I know I wrote my previous piece on the media but I have a new complaint. Don’t worry just yet, though; I’m not Al Gore – I do more than one issue. And I’m not John Madden – I can talk about different aspects of the same issue. My latest complaint with the modern media […]

Saumya Narechania: Searching for “No-Spin Zone”

Chad Johnson announced that he has 16 touchdown celebrations planned for this season. Considering he missed an opportunity to use one of them this past week, and since the Cincinnati Bengals increasingly resemble their 1990s version, he might not get a chance to use all of them. It must be fun though to think to […]