Saumya Narechania

Saumya Narechania: Abusing the label-maker

My unabashed idealism and liberal enthusiasm will soon be leaving me, so I’m told. You see, I’m a senior, and in May I’ll leave my sheltered world at an elite university; soon I will become an in touch working man who will have to pay taxes. As I start a family, I will realize that […]

Saumya Narechania: Where’s the GW student voice?

CVS and our University have agreed to bring another pharmacy to campus (despite the numerous other locations already blocks away). The organizations defended the decision by stating that the location is unique and will cater to workers and students in the area. I understand CVS’s motivation to bring in a new store; I’m sure they’ve […]

Saumya Narechania: Keep in mind what Student Association can be

With the Student Association’s elections closing in on us, I want to remind everyone, specifically the four presidential candidates, what a good SA looks like. I, for one have not seen one in my time at GW. It seemed to me that my freshman, sophomore and junior years looked more like scandal-ridden U.S. politics than […]

New rules for an old game

It is common knowledge around Foggy Bottom, and the rest of the world for that matter, that we Colonials go to the most expensive school in the nation. While overly evident at GW, high tuition rates are a national issue that Congress has been trying to fix for several years now – along with healthcare, […]

Saumya Narechania: Where’s the value in today’s debates?

I normally would have a problem quoting an obscure Midwestern senator that last served almost 30 years ago, but considering Eli Manning just made the Super Bowl, normalcy has pretty much been thrown out the window. Given the applicability of the quote, and considering the political nature of this school, I’m not too concerned that […]

Saumya Narechania: Reclaiming the ballot for change

I found it slightly ironic (forgive my Alanis Morisette-esque misuse of the word) that Britney Spears had yet another breakdown the very same night of the Iowa caucuses. You see, Britney has become, unfortunately for our reputation, a symbol of our generation. Grouped together with the characters and media caricatures of various Lindsay Lohans and […]

Saumya Narechania: Attempting to avoid groupthink

Last week, Student Association Sen. Nick D’Addario wrote a piece on this very page describing the problem with SA elections – “slates and pseudo-political parties.” He then introduced legislation that aims to try and abandon the slate-driven politics that I, and the rest of the student body, have known for the past three years. I […]

Saumya Narechania: How is GW doing on important issues?

With December and January coming up, I am reminded of how content Americans can be with broken systems. I am not only talking about the primaries that are fast approaching or the BCS scheme that makes as much sense to most people as Sen. Trent Lott makes to Markos Moulitsas. The problem exists on a […]

Saumya Narechania: Reconsidering rankings

Like most confused 17-year olds, I turned to the U.S. News and World Report rankings along with any other random grading systems I could find online when deciding what university I should attend. It took me four years to realize that the rankings did not really matter and I was stupid for blindly taking them […]