Sarina Penn

More than ‘Stacy’s Mom’

As Fountains of Wayne breezed through a set of brilliant pop tunes for a sold-out crowd at the 9:30 Club Sunday night, a group of giggly high school girls stood near the stage, decked out in new FOW shirts. Before the show, they excitedly took pictures of each other, and once the band started playing, […]

Rocking books off the shelves

Alex Greenwald and Jacques Brautbar of Phantom Planet had a verbal exchange Saturday that will probably resonate through the ages. “How many college kids can you fit into at Olsson’s?” “This many!” Exactly one day after the band appeared on “Late Night with David Letterman,” Phantom Planet took the stage at Olsson’s, a small book […]

Beyond the ’80s

You probably remember The Romantics as that ’80s band that put out “What I Like About You,” or that ’80s band that did “Talking in Your Sleep,” a song that’s so ’80s, it puts the B-52s to shame. Either way, The Romantics have been pegged as an ’80s band and, really, until their new album, […]

The Horizon shines at G-town

“It’s strange standing up here knowing that every single person in the audience is smarter than you,” Sister Hazel frontman Ken Block told a Georgetown University crowd October 10. Laughter ensued. Soon after, while the band was in the middle of one of its jangly country-pop tunes, a large dildo was lowered from the overhead […]