Sarah Ransbottom

Restaurant Review: Italian favorites succeed

If you think the true measure of an Italian chef is by his pasta, you are simply wrong. Good pasta is essential and bad pasta can ruin your meal, but can it really distinguish a chef from the rest of the pack? No. So what is the culinary hurdle that these cuoci Italiani must soar […]

La Madeleine is purely provencal American

La Madeleine 3000 M St. N.W. (202) 337-6975 www.La If you are planning to study abroad in France, this is not the place to start. La Madeleine is a French bakery, but only in the American sense. This is Americanized French food, and who doesn’t like a little taste of Uncle Sam? After entering […]

D.C. restaurants serve romance

Nathan’s 3150 M St. N.W. (202) 338-2600 This Georgetown classic is usually ignored by the college crowd more concerned with the bar scene, but it’s perfect for a date. The back room is all about romance with dim lighting, and the dark wood and white tablecloths put you and your date at center stage. […]

Steak adds power punch to the plate

Sam & Harry’s 1200 19th St. N.W. (between M and N streets) (202) 296-4333 Steak is what D.C. is all about. It shows your killer instinct and political prowess in a cage of hungry party animals. It is the dinner of choice for Washington power brokers. Political players (and those in training) go to […]

What’s Luigi famous for, anyhow?

Famous Luigi’s 1132 19th St. N.W. 202-331-7574 What makes Famous Luigi’s famous? Well, fame is a funny thing. Celebrities like Jessica Simpson are only famous because they say so (and because they can create their own reality television shows), and when it comes down to it, Luigi’s is just “famous” because the owners say […]

Moby Dick House of Kabob

Moby Dick House of Kabob 1070 31st St. N.W. 202-333-4400 Just accept that you are going to feel stupid. You have no chance. Like a foreigner in McDonalds, you will have to use the picture menu to order your meal. That is, if you aren’t from the Middle East. The menu is in Persian, […]

A sub-par evening at Meiwah

Meiwah 1200 New Hampshire Ave. (202) 833-2888 Meiwah’s hard to miss. As you walk to The Aston, the Chinese letters in neon lights are hard to ignore, but try your best. D.C. is known for its lack of good Chinese food, and places like Meiwah are the reason why. From the food to the […]

The bookworm odyssey

The Library of Congress 101 Independence Ave. S.E. 2 p.m. Nov. 12 Living in D.C. has many advantages – the museums, the White House, the history on every corner. It’s easy to impress visitors with a tour of the city, and there’s always something to do on a Friday night. And the District has a […]

Affordable Elegance: 1789

1789 1226 36th St. N.W. (at 36th and Prospect) (202) 965-1789 A new semester has begun, and roommates, friends, boyfriends and girlfriends are finally reunited after a break for the holidays. Instead of the nights of talking online and on the phone or e-mailing, you can actually get together with the friends whom you […]

Georgia Brown’s

Georgia Brown’s 950 15th St. N.W. (between I and K streets) 393-4499 Are you staying in the District for Thanksgiving? Are images of turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce dancing through your head? Is your only pilgrimage going to be to J Street, only to find everything appetizing closed? Well, stop your sulking, because […]