Sarah Krouse

Allen says United States should better integrate NGOs into relief

Coast Guard Vice Admiral Thad Allen, head of the Hurricane Katrina relief effort, said at a GW-hosted panel discussion Friday that the government should work to improve the involvement of non-governmental groups in emergency assistance efforts. While many non-government organizations and faith-based groups have assisted the victims of Katrina, Allen said that in the future […]

Declining male enrollment could have long-term effects

GW, which has a freshman class that is 43 percent male, is one of a growing number of schools experiencing a decline in male enrollment – a trend that one study says could result in a smaller skilled labor force and an overall reduction in economic growth. For the last five years, the number of […]

One school, many campuses

When describing the home of the Buff and Blue, most students envision the lettered and numbered streets in Foggy Bottom, or the sprawling field at Mount Vernon Campus. But in actuality, GW has more than 20 branch campuses, spanning five states and three countries. Brian Williams, a graduate student of human resource development at the […]

It ain’t long island: From 90210

Forget the first 10 people you met at GW – not everyone is from Long Island. Or New Jersey, for that matter. Or even Pennsylvania. Though many times you may hear students asking one another “Nassau or Suffolk County?” GW really does attract students from interesting locales all over the country and the globe. Meet […]