Sarah Karlin

University holds first Relay for Life in Smith Center

About 500 GW students and community members camped out in Smith Center Saturday night as part of a walk-a-thon that generated about $60,000 for cancer research. At GW’s Relay for Life – a 12-hour event sponsored by Program Board – students dressed in costumes, played root beer pong, competed in a Pretty, Pretty Princess pageant […]

A war-torn education

At Sapir College, exams are consistently interrupted by sirens warning students that a Kassam rocket has been launched. Once the sirens go off, the students have approximately 15 seconds to exit the test area and seek shelter. This scenario can happen more than five times during the course of a three-hour exam, but students are […]

Students form groups to support 2008 candidates

While the 2008 U.S. presidential election is more than a year away, some students are already actively mobilizing their peers to support candidates. Three groups supporting Democratic candidates have already been formed including Students for Hillary, Students for Barack Obama and Students for John Edwards. Members of the College Republicans said they did not know […]

Administration gives SA $25,000 grant for progressive projects

GW officials announced plans last week to provide the Student Association with $25,000 a year for the next two years to fund “socially responsible initiatives.” The SA, which oversees funding for more than 200 student organizations, will receive the extra funds beginning this July. The funding is part of a two-year pilot program to finance […]

Senate rejects SA plan on restructuring

The Student Association Senate rejected a resolution calling for a new SA constitution Tuesday night in the Marvin Center. The Senate then voted to send the bill back to the SA Rules Committee for further review. The constitution, which was proposed by SA President Lamar Thorpe, creates a newly structured legislature that would consist of […]

NORML SA drug sanction reform opposed by administrators

University officials said they do not support a Student Association resolution that calls for more lenient sanctions for marijuana use. Last week the SA Senate voted for the University to examine a less-stringent sanction for students guilty of marijuana violations. GW’s chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws introduced the resolution, […]

Weekly check up: HPV vaccine

The commercials have been on the air for months – “Cancer caused by a virus? I didn’t know that.” Merck, a pharmaceutical company, is using these ads to urge women to tell someone about the sexually transmitted disease HPV, or the human papilloma virus, causing cervical cancer. But why does HPV suddenly seem to be […]