Sarah Ferris

GW lands largest-ever gifts, renames public health school

Media Credit: GW Media Relations. Public health school dean Lynn Goldman speaks with philanthropist and financier Mike Milken at an alumni event in New York, N.Y. last October. Updated: March 11 at 12:57 a.m. The public health school will receive $80 million to boost research and scholarships over the next five years, a burst of […]

Mourning a brilliant mind lost in ‘a dark place’

Chris Keefer, who said he had not prepared remarks ahead, asked that students learn from his family’s tragedy by not giving into their own loneliness – and to look after of each other. “What I would implore all of you to do, all of you young people, is if you ever feel that you want to go to a dark place, don’t go alone,” he said.