Sarah Biggart

D.C. named top city for young professionals

Coming to GW for “the city” is almost a cliché. The University’s application even directs prospective freshmen to not just write about the school’s “city experience” when asking “Why GW?” But like all great clichés, “I came to GW for D.C.” often has truth to it. According to a recent report in The Wall Street […]

Virginia campus gets name alteration, rebranding

GW is rebranding its Virginia campus as the University’s Mecca for research and technology, starting by giving the campus a new name – The George Washington University Virginia Science and Technology Campus. The change was announced at the Board of Trustees meeting Oct. 16 and reflects Virginia’s growth as a business and technology community, said […]

Grad schools see rise in applications

Last year, some officials in GW’s graduate schools were nervous about prospective graduate admissions; they thought the economy would lower their numbers. This year, they are happy to be wrong. The Elliott School of International Affairs reported the largest numbers of applications in the school’s history, and the University’s entire graduate program saw a 13 […]

GW e-textbook sales are in top 20

Electronic textbook sales at GW rank in the top 20 out of more than 2,000 colleges and universities nationwide using e-textbooks in classrooms, according to an analysis of sales by CourseSmart, an e-Textbook distributor. The University ranked 19th behind universities like Texas A&M and San Diego State University. “Students spend a lot of energy looking […]

Washington welcomes the pope

The trek for Justyna Japola started at the White House at 8 a.m. Armed with a guitar and flanked by members of a neo-Catholic group, the Polish Georgetown graduate student made her way to Foggy Bottom to witness the first pontifical visit in almost three decades. “It doesn’t matter if we see him.,” Japola said. […]

Scalpers near Smith Center: ‘We just do this for fun’

As hail fell outside Smith Center Saturday evening, two inconspicuous men in black coats began their sales pitch. “Tickets! Selling or buying tickets!” they shouted to passersby headed to the men’s basketball game against Atlantic 10 rival Massachusetts. The pair paced up and down the street outside the entrance to the building, approaching groups of […]

Alumnus dies after fall in bar

Click here to read Lucks’ friends and family reflect on his life. A 2006 graduate died at GW Hospital Wednesday after falling in McFadden’s Saloon. Twenty-five-year-old Jon Lucks suffered severe head trauma after falling, according to witness and medical examiner reports. At around 2 a.m., Lucks was drinking in the bar located at 24th Street […]

Obituary: Lucks was passionate, inspiring

Friends and family remember Jon Lucks, a 2006 GW alumnus, as a caring, smart and brave person who inspired those around him. He died at GW Hospital Feb. 27. He was 25 years old. “He was an incredibly courageous kid,” his father, Michael Lucks said. “Everyone’s dad says that – and everyone has the right […]

Primary season brings out young area voters

GW Hatchet Video: GW’s own primary Polling officials in Foggy Bottom said turnout for this year’s elections was significantly higher than past presidential primaries in the area, as primarily- Democratic residents and students came out to vote Tuesday. Election coordinators at St. Mary’s Court, one of six polling stations in the Foggy Bottom area, estimated […]

Potomac Primary has potential to be influential

When District residents go to the polls Tuesday to pick their presidential candidate, it is likely their votes will have more impact than they have ever had in history. The District will join Maryland and Virginia Tuesday in what is typically called “the Potomac Primary.” This new junction of the three states’ primaries comes after […]