Samantha Zeldin

Sleepless songs translate to first album for junior

To the tune of a dream, a new album by a sleep-deprived junior dropped onto the indie music scene last week. For 21-year-old Andrew Bandos, a lack of sleep was the creative stimulus for his most recent musical project, “Heads Phased for Dreamless Sleep” – a full length album featuring 11 insomnia-inspired songs. Originally recorded […]

Peace Corps alumni reflect on organization’s 50th anniversary

Celebrating birthdays while scaling mountains in Africa. Being the only English speaker in a rural Costa Rican village. Spreading awareness about HIV and AIDS. These are all the momentous experiences Peace Corps alumni shared at a ceremony commemorating the 50th anniversary of the organization during GW’s Alumni Weekend. “Universities have always been the backbone of […]

Summer reading sees decline

The freshman reading program that encourages incoming students to get a head start on their academic careers by reading a pre-selected novel over the summer saw a significant drop in its participation numbers for the second year. The First Chapter freshman reading program received only 58 essay submissions. Last year, 200 students participated, a 100-person […]

What’s my new home like?

1. Thurston Hall: Living in Thurston is often described as the true freshman experience. Seeing as it is home to 1,116 freshmen, how can it not be? Maintaining its reputation as the liveliest freshman hall on campus, it offers spacious rooms, ranging from doubles to six-person suites, perfect for socializing. Considering its close living quarters, […]

Run. Tag. Eat.

GW Alert: A team at GW Hospital embarks on a top-secret mission to create super students. But, something goes terribly wrong and it creates a zombie. Beware! This zombie is very dangerous for it feeds on college students and is highly contagious. Join the effort to save GW from the zombie apocalypse! The Humans vs. […]

Gardening in the city

On Saturday mornings, senior Melissa Eddison hops into a bee suit. As part of an urban beekeeping initiative she started last summer, Eddison helps maintain four hives of about 100,000 bees on the Mount Vernon Campus. The bees provide homemade honey and help pollinate a newly formed garden on the Vern. “It was a tangible […]