Samantha Strauss

Cherry Blossom Festival draws thousands despite weather

Every year millions flock to the nation’s capital not to become enriched in US history, but to bask in the beautiful spring weather that is welcomed by trees full of little white flowers. The annual National Cherry Blossom Festival takes place in Washington DC from the end of March to the middle of April. Along […]

Campus Health: Are Campuses Prepared?

A couple weeks ago, police arrested a woman who had been loitering around the Cheyney University of Pennsylvania dorms. She was charged for prostitution and afterward told the police that she was HIV positive and had had sexual contact with ten male students. Cheyney University quickly released a statement urging whoever had sexual contact with […]

Students to take on Katrina Challenge

For many, there will be no beach party this Spring Break. Instead, students from across the nation are gathering to rebuild New Orleans. Katrina Corps, a grass-roots effort, is hoping to bring 25,000 students to New Orleans from March 5th – April 6th, 2007, known as the Katrina Challenge. The goal is to “cut the […]

Hundreds of students attend Global Justice conference

More than 400 students from over 39 states gathered in the Nation’s capital February 2-5, 2007, for the Global Justice Conference on AIDS, Trade and Child Survival. This was the first joint conference of Global Justice’s three student campaigns, the Student Campaign for Child Survival (SCCS), the Student Global AIDS Campaign (SGAC), and the Student […]

Marvin Kalb: A head above the rest

The year was 1957. Marvin Kalb was studying in Harvard University’s Widener library when a woman walked over and said a man named Edward R. Murrow had called for him. Kalb assumed it was a joke and told her to forget about it. “I didn’t believe it for an instant,” he said. Why would Kalb’s […]

Rapper Ludacris urges wider HIV testing

Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges urged students at George Washington University to “save some lives” by getting tested for HIV on World AIDS Day, Friday Dec. 1. The 29-year-old Grammy-winning rapper said the topic is of particular importance in the nation’s capital, where the rate of AIDS is the highest of any U.S. city. About 3 percent […]