Samantha Saifer

Halloween has different meanings

Halloween is generally thought of as a day of candy and costumes but for some, Oct. 31 also has a religious significance. The holiday’s combination of Christian and Celtic roots causes some students to see the day as more than just an excuse to trick-or-treat. “Halloween is a day to laugh at our own fears […]

GW claims Bhangra title

Radiant costumes and rhythmic music filled Constitution Hall Saturday night as students celebrated GW’s win at the South Asian Society’s 9th Annual Bhangra Blowout. GW won the 10-school competition for the third time since 1995, the most wins of any one team in the history of the competition. The University of Maryland won last year. […]

Fleischer visits campus, talks to students

White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer emphasized the importance of loyalty and objectivity since Sept. 11 in front of 130 students, faculty and staff in the Marvin Center Wednesday night. After a year and a half of working in the White House, Fleischer stressed the important role that objectivity plays in his job and refrained […]

FTP lobbies Senate

While most students were still recovering from Thursday night out on the town, 17 members of the Free the Planet environmentalist group spent the day on Capitol Hill lobbying senators on environmental issues Friday. The GW students joined five students from Georgetown University’s ECO-Action group to lobby the staffs of 13 Senators. Members of national […]

Manouch enlists campus support

Planned meetings this week could prove critical in hot dog vendor Manouchchehr Nava’s fight to win a home on GW’s campus. Nava, known to students as “Manouch,” has violated city ordinances for the past 16 years by selling hot dogs to students after a city-wide 1:30 a.m. curfew. Nava regularly receives fines for operating his […]

SA issues group funds

At the annual Student Association allocation meeting, student groups traditionally flood in to complain about a lack of funds. But this year, the SA seems to have pleased all but one group by sharing the wealth of a 25 percent overall budget increase. The SA gave virtually an across-the-board 25 percent increase to the more […]

CLLC removes historic room

GW reneged on a pledge to keep a slice of political history in the Hall on Virginia Avenue this year when it boxed up memorabilia from the Watergate scandal to fit more student beds. The room, once used as a lookout for burglars in the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate across the street, […]