Sam Salkin

Not your average jamband

Bands have long tried to replicate their live sound on their albums. Whether it be the energy of the crowd or the spectacle of the show, many a band have strived to cut and paste a show onto CD. For moe., upstate New York’s jam-band kings, this formula yielded strong results for 2003’s “Wormwood” and […]

Sam Salkin: Should I be worried?

As I began the final stretch of my junior year, I became fascinated with the idea of “worrying about worrying.” It’s a simple idea, really. A year from now, I’ll be a graduating senior, full of excitement and purpose as I enter the deemed real world. Or so I hope. Truth be told, I have […]

Sam Salkin: What’s on the menu this summer?

The sun has finally come out for good and Kogan Plaza is packed at all hours of the day. Finals are coming up and the lines stretching out of Gelman Starbucks are worse than those at Dulles Airport on Christmas Eve. The academic year is winding down here in Foggy Bottom, and aside from a […]

Sam Salkin: Embracing the corporatism so many detest

I suppose that being a columnist means that essentially, I get to complain to a large audience every two weeks. Some people probably read The Hatchet every issue just to see what people are complaining about this time around. With this great power of complaining at my disposal, I have decided to play my card […]

Sam Salkin: Sticking to the plan

After reading The Hatchet Thursday, I learned that my eating options at GW were once again being limited because of those pesky rules of supply and demand. Christian Fundamentalism already closed Chick-fil-A for us on Sundays, and now I have Sodexho to thank for the recently announced Saturday closures. This is the sort of uncertainty […]

Sam Salkin: Ode to the loser

Somewhere in the Marvin Center tonight, there will be some disappointed Colonials. When the Joint Elections Committee releases results of this year’s Student Associations elections, there will be those candidates who wished they had not blown off that random endorsement hearing. Others will regret not coughing up an extra $50 for color campaign buttons instead […]

Sam Salkin: Cast your political net closer to home

Washington is an attractive place for GW students to spend their four undergraduate years for reasons ranging from its rich history to being the other city not too far from New Jersey. Chances are, however, that most GW students are attracted to D.C. for those important buildings located on or near Pennsylvania Avenue. But there […]

Sam Salkin: Rebirth of the Marvin Center

There’s an elephant in the Marvin Center and no one wants to do anything about it. It’s like that one last pimple that you just can’t seem to get rid of. For some it might be that one person not smiling in the family portrait. Use all the clich?s you want, but at the end […]

Sam Salkin: Bring sense to the semester’s end

GW may have the highest tuition in America, but have you ever thought of the true value our tuition brings us? This year’s freshmen will pay $37,820 a year in tuition for the next four years, no small sum; however those students will not have a fall break and many will stay until Dec. 22 […]