Salma Khalil

Alexandria apothecary shop is just outside D.C.

When Lieutenant J.E.B. Stuart found Colonel Robert E. Lee at the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Shop on Oct. 17, 1859, he ordered Lee to suppress the insurrection of John Brown at Harper’s Ferry. First Lady Martha Washington sent several notes to the Apothecary Shop to have her medicines and herbs sent to her. One written in 1802 […]

Exploring the depths of the National Mall

The Mall Monday, June 4, 2001 10:30 a.m. It figures all my friends would go back home the summer I decide to stay in D.C. Jobless, I needed to find a tolerable way to pass my days. So instead of wasting my day flipping through endless channels of mind-numbing morning television, I set off with […]

Living with strangers in a strange land

They are messy, too loud and they take things without asking who they belong to. Or they worship Satan and stay up all night chanting spells that will lead to doom. Don’t worry, not all roommates are like that. But moving in with strangers for the first time can be a tough experience. Learning to […]

J Street loners

The bustling of J Street can be heard miles away. Students are always popping in and out, socializing and mingling. This boisterous scene can be intimidating to the lone muncher, who shoves off to a discrete corner in order not to be seen. Freshman Mira Browne said she eats alone at least three times a […]

Weighing in on the WWF

Fireworks start off Monday evening’s World Wrestling Federation event “Raw is War” with a rowdy crowd cheering and chanting in Fort Worth, Texas. Above his theme music, wrestling superstar The Rock challenges Stone Cold Steve Austin for a rematch from Sunday night’s Wrestlemania X-Seven, the proclaimed Super Bowl of the WWF. The commentator screams into […]

Alumnae represent GW at Miss USA Pageant

Through the halls of the Genesis Center at the Miss USA Pageant in Gary, Ind., GW alumnae Liane Angus and Ivette Fernandez walked around proud to be Miss Washington, D.C., and Miss Alaska, singing GW’s fight song. For three weeks Angus and Fernandez spent time rehearsing for the pageant in the small town traditionally populated […]

Commuting on the cusp of closure

D.C. was lucky this time. The great Nor’easter that was forecasted only showered the area with its straggling remains of snow, allowing the city to function normally. But when big storms cause everything to shut down, getting around can be dangerous, and sometimes even impossible. Many GW students live off campus and commute to school […]

Unleashing the kid in us all

The normal restaurant routine of eating, drinking and paying the tab while sitting at a corner table drumming up conversation with a first date can get old. But have no fear, computer-aged generation, dining is beginning to take on a new spin. Arcades, virtual reality and even 16-foot televisions are appearing at several interactive restaurants […]

Star-struck students in D.C.

In California celebrity sightings are a common thing. It seems less likely that celebrities would be walking the streets of D.C., but many students testify to not only star-gazing but brushing shoulders with a variety of celebrities including musicians, politicians and professional athletes. Sophomore Alexandra Tagle said she met Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough last Friday […]

DCD: Gallery hopping on a Friday night

February 2, 2001 R Street, NW 7 p.m. Having lived in the city for almost two years and seriously contemplated an art major, I was ashamed to say that I was unfamiliar with the term “First Friday.” All I knew was that it marked the first day of partying every month. I was informed that […]