Salma Khalil

Talking to typing: Instant Messenger takes over

Three hundred years ago, letters were the only way to communicate long distances. They took weeks, even months, to pass hands between the sender and recipient. Now, more than 100 million people, including just about every college student you know, are chatting in real time over the internet. The invention of the telephone came in […]

Hippodrome hosts “cross-breed” rock group

Seven years ago Jimmie’s Chicken Shack frontman Jimi Haha appeared on the “Jerry Springer Show” as the boyfriend of a girl who worked her way through college in the dominatrix industry. “It was about a free trip to Chicago and $50 a day that I stretched to $500. I ate lobster and filet mignon in […]

Students criticize U.S. policy

Students from local universities and peace activists gathered at GW Saturday to discuss alternatives to the war in Afghanistan. The D.C. Students Against the War regional conference drew about 70 students to Monroe Hall to hear speakers against the war effort. William Blum, author of Killing Hope and Rogue State, disagreed with the common perception […]

Features: Students share ‘sexiled’ stories

As Sophomore Hala Rharrit turned the key to the door of her Fulbright Hall room, she was startled by a screaming voice – her roommate frantically asking her to wait before she came in. Rharrit got the hint. Her roommate had her boyfriend over and she could not enter her room – she was “sexiled.” […]

GW Senior organizes annual Clarendon festival

Clear skies and sunny summer weather accompanied crowds to the fourth annual Clarendon Day, an annual festival organized by the Clarendon Alliance. Free Metro rides made the festival even more accessible, and people got off at the Clarendon stop on the Orange line to enjoy the plethora of culinary, musical and artistic tastes the area […]

Ringing in on college memories

A ticket to a GW basketball game: $0. GW shot glass: $5.99. Blue GW pennant: $17.99. GW letter jacket: $230. The Watergate room at HOVA: $6,500 a year. Personalized GW class rings: priceless. Or are they? Every year, juniors and seniors have to decide whether or not class rings are worth the investment. A university […]

Students address intolerance

Freshman Yasmine Rouai sat on the gray carpeted floor in the Academic Center with her back against the cold, white wall. She played with her dark hair as she spoke somberly about the events of the past few days. “People walk around saying they are against terrorism, but they go around terrorizing others (of different […]

The Perfect Plan

It’s the night before the big paper is due. All that can be heard is the incessant ticking of the clock. Tick, tick, tick. The cursor blinks wildly on a predominantly white screen, with only a name, date and course number typed up in the upper right corner. Maybe starting the 10-page term paper at […]

DCD: Tea time at teaism

Originally Published 08/27/01 Teaism restaurant 800 Connecticut Ave. August 24, 2001 12:05 p.m. Hungry and thirsty on the Friday before school starts, I picked the wrong time to buy textbooks from the GW Bookstore. I knew I could not contain my hunger waiting in a line that wrapped down the stairs. I needed to go […]