Salma Khalil

She’s got rhythm, she’s got music

*Beep* “Hi, my name is Myrna, and I have money for you. I know you want to buy Middle C Music, I’m interested too. Call me.” A few hours earlier, GW classical guitar professor Myrna Sislen had been working out in Tenleytown, part of her daily routine. She ran into a fellow musician on her […]

Would you like a doggy bag?

Dakota is restless and cannot sit still. Standing outside the Petco on Rockville Pike in suburban Maryland, the black-brown Labrador retriever mix is kept on too short of a leash for his satisfaction. He is affectionate with passers-by and wants to play with the other dogs. Among nearly a dozen dogs and puppies, Dakota is […]

This Old Apartment

Neil Conway can always tell when school is about to start by the influx of parents and students in his hardware store just off Dupont Circle. Most are looking for basic tools to fix things or keep around residence hall rooms and apartments, but some return for friendly personal advice about common home ailments. District […]

A journey from sunset to sunrise

A year after she returned from her study abroad trip to Como, Italy, graduate student Amy Quan received a letter telling her a friend committed suicide. Her host family’s only daughter took her own life by throwing herself from the five-story apartment building where they lived. Quan recalled the girl showing signs of depression, but […]

Music and movies heat up the D.C. summer

All year, students schedule their lives around classes, exams, activities and a social life. When summer comes around, all that disappears; classes stop and friends disperse. Palm Pilots empty of computerized schedules and time seems to stretch out like the grassy National Mall in the summertime sun. To some ever-busy GW students, the city seems […]

Trakkin’ through D.C. trails

It is always refreshing to be able to step a few miles outside the bustling, hurried pace of city life in the District and take time off to smell the roses. For people who get tired of the everyday grind of traffic and business, the District offers relaxing alternatives in nature only several miles away. […]

Spotlight: A space of their own

Nahed Turkestani rushes to the back of the ceramics studio and dumps more than 150 pounds of gray, wet clay onto a canvas-covered table. Spreading the clay into an seven-by-two foot panel, Turkestani leaves the clay to set and begins working on thin panels from her sketches, forming and sculpting palm trees, windows, doors and […]

Teaching with impact

GW graduate Alexandra Pardo always thought she would go to law school after graduation. But she had always known she would teach at some point in her life, if only for a few years. “In high school, my psychology teacher told me to come back and take her to dinner when I became a teacher,” […]

Arts: Hatchet chats with Sevendust

Surprised, vocalist Lajon Witherspoon from Sevendust stopped singing for a few seconds in awe of the voices that sang above his. With hundreds of screaming fans chanting word-for-word to the band’s recent hit single “Angel’s Son” at the 9:30 Club last Thursday, the band is hardly falling apart, as this month’s article in Spin magazine […]

Features: From fugitive to freedom fighter

Frederick Douglass House Wednesday, Jan. 23 9 a.m. My English professor a couple of semesters ago told us to visit former slave Frederick Douglass’ house as an extra credit assignment. Because it was extra credit – not to mention it’s in Anacostia, on 1411 W St. – I never bothered to go. But I heard […]