Sacha Evans

Power to the people

Democracy was in action last weekend when 16 members of GW’s Chamber Choir performed in the world premiere of Democracy: An American Comedy, The Washington National Opera’s first commissioned work in more than a decade. GW’s company debut also marked the WNO’s temporary return to its original home at Lisner Auditorium. “It’s been a great […]

Trend Tracking

Wondering who will be the next big thing in music? You might just see it on campus cable channel 93. MtvU, the first TV station catered specifically to the music tastes of college students, is entering its second semester broadcasting at GW. The all-music station follows trends across campuses nationwide using campus radio play lists […]

Drawing the line

Often it can be difficult to discern genuine passion from fad. British piano rock trio Keane knows this firsthand. Since their arrival onto the forefront of the U.K. music scene, band members have been forced to thwart criticisms that they’re no more than Radiohead and Coldplay copycats attempting fill a void created by their fellow […]

Thinking outside the box

In 2001, three Brown University students put out an ad for “a violinist that could rock.” They wanted to provide a certain virtuosic element to a band that didn’t exactly know to what genre it would belong. After recruiting Spencer Swain from a New York music conservatory, starting its own record label and producing a […]

Automatic Art

For some D.C. locals, the task of developing an artistic community has proven itself quite the undertaking. “Unfortunately D.C. is a very apathetic town. Often people come here for a job, and because they’re here transiently, they don’t get involved in D.C. culture,” said GW alumnus Eric Boucher, who is also the editor-in-chief of, […]

Getting it started

Last Sunday night may have been the first time Black Eyed Peas recited an impromptu freestyle driven by shout-outs to “G-Dub.” However, the estimated 2,500 people who attended the band’s recent GW performance appeared as if they hoped it wasn’t the last. “The show was amazing. I went crazy,” said junior Jackie Burgess, panting as […]

The Hatchet rates GW Halloween Costumes

Don’t know what to be this year? Well, we’ve got a few ideas. In preparation for the weekend, The Hatchet has mapped out some of the most common and creative GW Halloween costumes. Abstract concept costume – 2 Pumpkins You’ve seen this one before. Indicators include excessive fabric, some sort of interpretive dance, the words […]

RuPaul Red Hot

In the 7th grade, RuPaul read a book that had a profound affect on him: George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” “It gave me a good understanding of how politics work,” he said. Almost 40 years later, it is this understanding, in part, that has caused the 6-foot-four-inch drag diva to step back into the public spotlight. […]


“In the last presidential election, 100,228,726 Americans didn’t show up to vote.” -Tag Line of Ani DiFranco’s VOTE DAMMIT! Tour Among artists involved in this year’s get out the vote campaign, there seems to be no beating around the bush (no pun intended). Consider the mesmerizing, near-blinding spectacle of red, white and blue that surrounded […]

On the road again

Singer/songwriter Pat McGee came down with a bit of a cold after his Fall Fest performance last Saturday. “It’s been a long week of really early morning flights, traveling and just sort of running myself down,” he said. For the past five years, he and his band have taken few breaks from the road, averaging […]