Sacha Evans

Geeks with big ideas

AUSTIN, Texas – Once a year the country’s top techies escape cyberspace to engage in real-life – albeit often socially awkward – conversations. In the days before the notoriously wild South by Southwest booze and music fest began, people in Austin congregated around power outlets rather than concert stages, discussing the future of interactive media, […]

Meet Mr. List

Ask senior Justine McCarthy how she ended up living in a house with nine Kappa Sigma fraternity members, or how she got a $300 fridge for $25. She will answer with one word: “Craigslist.” Over the past 11 years, Craigslist has become students’ one-stop shop for jobs, off-campus housing and various goods and services. Particularly […]

That wax is hot

What do you get when you put a pop culture icon on an island with elaborate costumes and 20 tons of wax? The answer: basically the same things you’d get with any Hollywood horror flick. “House of Wax” (Dark Castle Entertainment) doesn’t stray far from the genre’s foolproof formula – carefree college students, a deserted […]

Buzzing in your ears: Muse to blast through College Park

Anyone who’s been to a live Muse show knows the sensation – the second encore is over, the band walks off stage and all of a sudden your ears are filled with a persistent, near-deafening ring. Muse drummer Dominic Howard knows the sound quite well. With three recent tours under his belt, he explained to […]

The cerebral key

Ah, the Information Age. For more than 50 years, it has proven that an economy can be based on data manipulation and storage, and has created a world where knowledge workers outnumber factory drones. Electronic innovations have bridged global barriers and made previously scarce data available to the masses. But today one nagging question remains: […]

The South by Southwest Experience

AUSTIN, Texas – Many destinations offer all the key elements of spring break – booze, sun, young people and parties. But only Austin, Texas, was packed with all this and 14,000 of the world’s most innovative thinkers. The bastion of liberal thought, bathed in 70-degree weather and plastered with tattoos, is the home to three […]

Inside the industry

AUSTIN, Texas – The White Headphones Phenomenon With one walk through campus, the phenomenon is clear – those little, white ear buds indicate that a growing number of students don’t leave home without their customized, digital libraries. “Consumers love music more than ever,” said Hollywood Records vice president Abbey Konowitch, referring to the 300 million […]

Bombs to Make You Blow, Beats to Make You Bang

From March 16-20, Austin overflowed with more Converse sneakers and black plastic glasses frames per square inch than anywhere else on the planet, as musicians and music industry types swarmed into the city for the 2005 South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival. Every March SXSW helps establish the year’s upcoming buzzworthy acts. This year’s clear […]

Smoke and honey

Humans have gathered honey longer than they have recorded their own history. In Prehistoric times as well as today, the beekeeping tradition has yielded the food, medicine and artistic medium through which entire cultures have been sustained. And it is through this lens that singer/songwriter Tori Amos views the mythology and current state of Christianity […]

Doom’s day

Underground hip-hop’s most notorious masked emcee will pay a special visit to GW Friday for the “Live from the Ballroom” series, WRGW’s first major concert of the semester. “Hip hop heads in the community are really excited for MF Doom. He’s not someone who tours a lot. He’s played one date in D.C. in the […]