Sabina Siddiqui

A very un-Pak Pakfest

What is Pakistani culture?, ex-president Reza Cheema rhetorically asked The GW Hatchet readership last issue (Pakistani students’ after-party ends in violence, Feb. 7). Perhaps we can define the ambiguous term culture by what it is not: Pakistan is not India. Pakistan was and is not about dances, song or clothing, but religion. Alcohol is not […]

Turkey and its oppression of Islam

Growing up in the United States, we take for granted the basic rights our government allows its people. We grow up with the right to free thought, to choose our religion and to express our individual beliefs. When I decided to take up the scarf my sophomore year, I had many concerns. I worried about […]

Learn about Muslims at GW

This year more than ever, intermingled among all the students who walk the hot August streets of D.C., are women who have decided to pass up tank tops, shorts and sandals for scarves and long, loose-fitting clothing. We pass them on the way to the Marvin Center, they sit in our classes and they find […]

Why I won’t be in next year’s SA

As a student leader who feels responsible to GW students, I would like to make a public statement of the fact that I will not play a role in the GW Student Association during the 1998-’99 academic year. During the campaign, I made many promises on the contingency that I would win the presidency. Unfortunately, […]