Russ Rizzo

GW reserves MCI center as backup for Commencement

This year’s graduation will take place on the Ellipse as it has since 1992, and for the first time the MCI Center will be sitting ready if the outdoor event is canceled because of security risks or bad weather. The University finalized the deal with the MCI Center Thursday, offering to pay $40,000 for the […]

Inside Our Pages: Applauding change, encouraging more

GW students can feel that something is changing at GW. Perhaps that feeling is what led some of us to come here in the first place, while others are slowly catching on. It started on campus with new sitting areas, food options and an improved workout facility. It spread to events geared more toward students […]

Inside our pages: Hatchet faces Web Reality

There is little doubt that the age of the internet is upon us. With this comes faster, more convenient means of getting information. But the added luxury does come with some inconveniences, too, as our Web readers found out when they logged onto our Web site last week. The Hatchet has been forced to enter […]

University gives late housing notice

GW housing officials said they were aware in October of the University’s decision to require sophomores to live on campus with a large number of possible exceptions, but students found out at least two months later. RHA President Noel Frame said she knew in December about the new requirement but did not know many students […]

Inside our pages

It is unfortunate that the words “family values” have become political speak setting off stale political arguments for the right and left. Republicans make it running mantra that family is number one, and Democrats struggle to include similar philosophies in their arguments while attempting not to sound too much like their Republican opponents. The fact […]

Inside Our Pages: Reporting deaths tough on writers

Student deaths are without question the hardest stories for a student newspaper to report. Balancing our duty to cover important events that affect GW with a responsibility to respect ramifications of making a private life public is a judgement game that will never completely satisfy all readers. The Hatchet generally places stories about deaths of […]

GW makes late housing change

GW told Residence Hall Association members Wednesday it will require all sophomores to live on campus starting next year. The announcement comes late in the game for the RHA , which will now be unable to achieve its goal to eliminate the housing waiting list. “For (the University) to announce this in December is not […]

Covering campus in time of change

This has certainly been a busy time to head any publication. But to be at the heart of the activity during such historic times is something for which there is no preparation. Considering the number of GW students from the New York area, it is surprising that none lost a parent in the Sept. 11 […]

GW student takes own life

Sophomore Joe Spradlin, 19, took his life Monday morning in his Atlanta home. Spradlin, remembered by friends for his kind heart, southern hospitality and sense of humor, had grappled with bouts of depression in recent months and was home seeking help, friends said. More than 15 friends traveled to Atlanta Wednesday to attend his memorial […]

Inside our Pages: Sept. 11 changed America, GW

Last Thursday we gave you an extra crossword puzzle. This week it’s a whole extra section. While I’m sure that most students found time during class to complete both crosswords, I hope you take the time to read the eight-page issue looking back at Sept. 11. It has been almost three months since the terrorist […]