Russ Rizzo

Poor communication delays new

GW hopes to unveil its new Web site within a month after communication problems led to some unforeseen critique, the University’s chief information officer for technology said. “We haven’t killed it. We’re simply going to refine it and get it out there,” said Dave Swartz, CIO of Information Systems and Services. Swartz said the originally […]

Votes run smoothly

The votes are half in. Day one of GW’s first-ever online Student Association election went smoothly despite a few snags, pollsters reported Wednesday. At least three voting stations went down for a total of three hours, and the GW Law School ran out of paper ballots twice throughout the day. Joint Elections Committee officials, who […]

Lottery glitches taint online housing debut

GW’s first-ever online housing selection was hampered by computer problems Sunday. Rising juniors and seniors selecting after 11 a.m. were unable to track which rooms were taken because Housing Services chose to remove the “availability screen,” and some rooms were assigned to too many people. The availability screen, which showed selection developments in real time, […]

Man stabbed by co-worker near MC

Police arrested a temporary GW employee Thursday for allegedly stabbing another man after they worked on renovations to the GW Bookstore. Hospital officials cannot verify the condition of the victim, who suffered multiple stab wounds, until he signs a release form. According to police and University reports, the two construction workers started an argument over […]

Inside Our Pages: Student uproar spurs healthy dialogue

I have been pleasantly surprised by the feedback students have given on a story about Greek-letter diversity on campus. Much of the feedback has been positive, pointing out that raising the issue is a good first step to addressing possible improvements. But there are others who are outraged by comments in the story they deemed […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Worker stabbed at Marvin Center

Posted 2:35 p.m. Feb. 21 — A construction worker was admitted to GW Hospital early Thursday morning after a co-worker reportedly stabbed him repeatedly in the chest in front of the Marvin Center, according to GW and police officials. The suspect has been identified but not apprehended, a Metropolitan Police Department spokesman said. According to […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Man arrested for MC stabbing

Posted 4:10 p.m. Feb. 21 — Metropolitan Police arrested Clifford Williams at about 3 p.m. for allegedly stabbing another construction worker in front of the Marvin Center early Thursday morning. GW and Follett officials confirmed that the men were temporary employees working on renovations to the GW Bookstore. Williams was charged with assault with intent […]

Inside Our Pages: SA must spare students from soap opera

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, does it make a sound? If a Student Association election happens and nobody notices, did it really happen? Yes, and that’s just what most of us on campus are hoping for this year. It is nothing new for students to go about their daily […]

Inside Our Pages: Tuition no secret matter

The Hatchet reported last Thursday that GW would propose a 4.9 percent tuition increase to the Board of Trustees the next day. Since the question has come up in conversation with numerous administrators, I’d like to clarify why we found it important to report this news as soon as we had received it. Newspapers function […]

SJT affirms professors’ free speech

GW professors with radical ideas who have been following the pending firing of a Florida professor can breathe a sigh of relief. University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg said he disagrees with the way the University of South Florida is treating a tenured professor who has brought international attention to campus for saying “death to Israel” […]