Russ Rizzo

Stepping out of these pages

My Hatchet days started the first day I stepped into Foggy Bottom as a GW student. C.I. One: overdoing whiskey shots with fraternity boys at Tequila Grille, a midnight monument walk with Molly and my first Hatchet assignment – a fitting way to begin a memorable college career. The Hatchet has been more than a […]

Inside our pages: Forthcoming sources yield better reports

As a general rule in life, I’ve learned that people who are open and honest about what they think are generally more trustworthy than ones who are closed and reserved. It is a simple concept but, for one reason or another, one people tend to ignore when reporters call them. When a person’s name is […]

Inside our pages: There is some common ground

The protests in D.C. this weekend were peaceful, but we should not be happy with the state of affairs on our own campus. We are increasingly a divided community – Palestinian supporters vs. Jewish supporters. And if we can’t do anything to stop it, then there’s no hope for the rest of the world, either. […]

Full SJT transcript

The following is a full transcript of an interview with GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg on April 10. Hatchet: Do you think you were portrayed accurately (in The Washington Post article)? SJT: I don’t think it’s about me, I think its about GW. Of course, the reporter missed an opportunity to do a story about […]

Inside our pages: Mixed reaction for The Post

It seemed everyone in the GW community had something to gripe about last week when The Washington Post devoted the cover story of its Sunday magazine to GW and its controversial president, Stephen Joel Trachtenberg. Considering the emotional topics the article touched on, the author, Chris Shea, should take criticism from all sides as a […]

Interview: Trachtenberg speaks of past, present and future

GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg needs no introduction on campus. Unapologetic in his view that GW is going places faster than anyone anticipated, he sat down with The Hatchet to discuss recent Washington Post coverage, U.S. News rankings, hippos and student interaction. A full transcript of the interview is also available online. Hatchet: Do you […]

Inside our pages: April Fool’s has long history

The reviews are in. Some were disgusted, some were insulted but the overwhelming majority of our readers who contacted us have taken the April Fool’s issue of The Snatchet in the spirit it was delivered. We were crude, impolite and crass, but we just wanted to make you laugh. Some of the most frequent questions […]

Column: Following the leader turns ugly at Md.

Crowd mentality reared its ugly and funny-looking head at the University of Maryland Monday night after the Terrapins won their first-ever NCAA National Championship. The scene sounded like the plot of MTV’s show “Asshole.” Men yelled “show your tits” whenever a woman rose on a pair of shoulders and the women coyly obliged, often in […]

Ecstasy seizure nets no other arrest

City drug investigators say no other arrests have been made or are planned in connection with a large amount of ecstasy found in a second-floor Fulbright Hall room search last week. Dolores Stafford, director of the University Police Department, declined to comment last week on an administrative search that uncovered 500 ecstasy pills, a half-pound […]

Inside Our Pages: These pages, they are a-changin’

Call it The GW Hatchet “Working for Us.” Call it putting the “you” back in GWU. Call it compassionate journalism. Whatever you call it, we’re rolling out more changes based on reader feedback. If you’re reading this on the Web, which our data indicates record numbers of you are, then you already know about one […]