Ross Rapoport

Crime Report

Destruction of Property 01/24 – Hall on Virginia Avenue Open 01/24 – 2109 F St. Open 01/27 – Thurston Hall A Thurston community facilitator observed a subject breaking two windows out of the laundry room from across the courtyard between 4 and 5 a.m. Open 01/29 – Thurston Hall Closed 01/27 – Thurston Hall A […]

UPD estimates theft loss

The University Police Department is investigating whether the theft of more than $20,000 worth of musical instruments from the music department over winter break was an organized job. Students at other area universities have reported similar thefts recently. UPD Director Dolores Stafford said the fact that all the instruments at GW vanished at the same […]

UPD investigates fraternity prank

A Sigma Alpha Epsilon prank that prompted a police investigation into kidnapping has upset Metropolitan Police officers and put more than 10 fraternity members at risk of judicial punishment by GW. Two GW students were reportedly kidnapped outside of Funger Hall on Tuesday night. Eyewitness Brett Kaplan said the students the kidnapped students were surprised […]

Area university bathrooms attract ‘cruisers’

GW is not the only D.C. university experiencing lewd activity in its bathrooms. According to, the same Web site that lists GW bathrooms as prime sites for sexual activity, three American University bathrooms and two Georgetown University bathrooms are considered very “cruisy.” The first floor of Georgetown’s Lauinger Library is described in an August […]

Sexual crimes increase on campus

Students are reporting sexual crimes at a higher rate than last year. Since school started in August, the University Police Department has received two reports of rapes, one of sexual assault with an object, two of forced sodomy and three of forced fondling. The totals for the entire fall semester 2000 are: five rape, one […]

Crime Log

Crime Log 11/1/01 Destruction of Property 10/24 – Crawford Hall At 1 a.m., an intoxicated 21-year-old non-student was seen hitting the glass of the exterior door to gain entry. He was arrested by UPD and turned over to MPD for processing. Closed 10/29 – Schenley Hall Referred to SJS Closed Disorderly Conduct 10/24 – Thurston […]

Bathrooms attract sex activity

GW bathrooms are once again becoming a popular place to have sex. The University Police Department has barred 12 men from campus in the past two weeks for committing “lewd acts” in University bathrooms. UPD was notified in late September by employees in Corcoran Hall that “inappropriate activities” were regularly taking place in the building’s […]

Political leaders pass the torch

As the heads of GW’s two most prominent political student groups on campus prepare to move on, GW College Democrats President Anjan Choudhury and GW College Republicans Chairman Bill Eldridge say they have nothing but respect for each other after a healthy rivalry. In his second year as CD president, Choudhury said student involvement has […]

Groups celebrate Earth Day

A group of 15 GW students joined about 200 protesters on the Ellipse Wednesday, holding signs and calling President George W. Bush the “toxic Texan” and the “polluter-in-chief,” at the Greenpeace-sponsored “Take Back the Earth Day” rally. Later in the day GW students celebrated Earth Day in Kogan Plaza. Groups from University of Maryland, Virginia […]

GW faces housing crunch

Members of the class of 2003 said they are uncertain where and with whom they will live next year after 40 percent of sophomores who wanted on-campus housing left the lottery without a room last weekend. Director of Housing Services Andy Sonn declined repeated requests to release the total number of students on the guaranteed […]