Ross Griffith

Ross Griffith: The quarter-life crisis

I graduate in May. That’s about six weeks from now. I’ll have a degree in history, with a strong GPA and a few internships under my belt. In short: no real skills, no real experience, no real job prospects and some very real debt. And as trite as it is to say this, it must […]

Ross Griffith: Grassroots green movement

Less plastic, less impact. You have seen them: water bottles that claim to be made of 30 percent less plastic. It’s a red herring. Or wishful thinking. Only about 15 percent of water bottles will be recycled. That means that the water bottle you use today – regardless of how efficiently it was made with […]

Ross Griffith: Keep your eyes on your own prescription

Prescription drug abuse is a growing issue across the board. When you want to get high, the question no longer seems to be “Got any pot?” but rather, “Have you had your wisdom teeth taken out recently?” I do not want to moralize about why we should not abuse prescription drugs or lecture on the […]

Ross Griffith: The price is far from right

Last semester, I bought a new textbook for $120, but a friend who had taken the class before promised that it could be sold back for around $70. I fantasized about being handed three crisp Jeffersons and a Hamilton. But guess what? A new edition was coming out, and my $120 new book was worthless. […]

Ross Griffith: Don’t mess with the Mall

Consider for a second what the National Mall says about America. The Mall is a totally unique space that combines our most important public buildings, our history and some of our most cherished pieces of art, all arranged around a wide strip of grass that has played host to some our most meaningful social movements, […]

Ross Griffith: Stick a fork in J Street

As a senior, I am really tired of the food on campus and I remember when I used to really like it. No doubt a representative of Dining Services could reel off figures about an increase in the number of options or highlight facts about J Street Café, but that does not change the reality […]