Robin Ngo

Spotlight: Professor brings the classroom to the courtroom

Did you hear the rumor that McDonald’s French fries are cooked in beef flavoring, and that vegetarians have been eating them unknowingly? That’s no rumor. In fact, it’s a true story of a $13 million lawsuit started by GW Law School students. Ever wonder if people used to smoke on airplanes? They did, and a […]

Spotlight: A way to Jumpstart the day

Eleven preschoolers are sitting in a circle, making hats out of copies of The Hatchet and The Village Voice. They are preparing to go on a scavenger hunt. Scanning the classroom with binoculars made of cardboard tubes in search of toy animals, these kids are discovering their surroundings through their imagination. They are being taught […]

Bringing back diversity with Black History Celebration

In celebration of Black History month, the Black Student Union is brining the nationwide celebration of black achievement close to home. The Black Student Union, in its 34th year at GW, created the Black History Celebration to complement Black History Month. The celebration spans from Jan. 21 to March 9, going beyond the traditional month-long […]

Spotlight: Out with the old, in with the new

The new pub and grill on the Mount Vernon Campus is anything but ordinary. There are restaurant-style booths, coffee-house-style couches and bar stools in a ski lodge setting. A deck outside the pub overlooks GW’s future NCAA Division I softball field. The Oct. 9 kick off of the pub and grill was celebrated with free […]

Locked out

During the weekend of the IMF-turned-anti-war protests, the GW guest policy was tightened to keep out visitors. Non-GW students were prohibited from entering all residence halls, and all GW students signed in for visits even in normally unmanned buildings. To tighten security at residence halls such as New Hall and Munson Hall, where GW has […]