Robert Lintott

Democratic student undergoes ups and downs of election night

At 9:21 p.m. on Tuesday night, freshman Adam Pienciak spots two students wearing Kerry-Edwards T-shirts on H Street as he heads to his room in the Hall on Virginia Avenue. “Great job, guys,” he says to the Democrats, as networks begin to call states for both President Bush and his Democratic challenger, Sen. John Kerry. […]

College Republicans try to put PA in Bush’s corner

Senior Ed Buckley carefully eyed his surroundings and talked to his fellow volunteers as they slowly walked through a Philadelphia suburb. “I’ve got a good feeling about these two,” Buckley said. “I’ve got a great feeling. Birch Street is going to be my street, gentlemen.” What sounded like planning for a military operation was actually […]

GW officials likely to fund recommended counseling changes

Senior GW administration officials said cost would not be a factor in implementing the recommendations of a commission that investigated the University’s response to student deaths. The commission, which met regularly over the summer in response to the death of five students last year, recently issued a final report but did not make it public. […]

Report on student deaths: Counseling Center inadequately funded

The University Counseling Center does not have enough resources to address students’ mental health needs, according to an investigation of GW’s response to student deaths. The finding was one of many included in a report compiled by a 21-member commission charged with analyzing the University’s response to student deaths. Six GW students have died since […]

CCAS eliminates earth and environment science dept.

The University will discontinue its Earth and Environmental Sciences department at the end of the semester. Faculty members in the department, which offers majors in geoscience, environmental studies and environmental science, said they learned of the closure in late March. The move will directly affect 26 undergraduate students with declared majors in the department, as […]

Wire flaw led to bus fire

A construction flaw caused a Mount Vernon shuttle bus to burst into flames last month, GW officials said. Fred Siegel, associate vice president and dean of freshmen, said crossed wires in the engine of a Mount Vernon shuttle caused an Aug. 31 blaze that did not result in any injuries. He added that several shuttles […]

Bus crashes into ledge

A shuttle bus inexplicably rolled down a hill and overran a ledge near the Acheson Science Building at the Mount Vernon Campus Tuesday night. No injuries were reported from the accident, which was the second involving an MVC shuttle bus in the last week. The bus, which contained four students and a driver, crashed through […]

Florida students grapple with storms

With another hurricane approaching Florida after Charley and Frances plowed through the state over the last two weeks, many Floridian students are keeping a nervous eye on their homes. Hurricane Frances, which struck late Saturday night and continued to devastate Florida into Tuesday, has killed more than 14 people and has left more than six […]

Friday no longer a day of rest

Clad in pajamas with Starbucks coffee in their hands, scores of GW students walked through campus on Friday with a challenge they had never faced before: Friday classes. In response to a larger-than-usual freshman class and the partial closing of Funger Hall, one of GW’s largest sources of class space, University officials packed Fridays with […]

MVC Shuttle fire sparks concern

The University is investigating the cause of a fire that gutted a new Mount Vernon Shuttle bus late Tuesday night. Officials from Mount Vernon Campus Life, which assumed control of the shuttle service from University Police three days before the blaze, said they are making every effort to ensure student safety. The University is working […]