Robbie Friedman

Largest rally for Israel takes over Capitol

Posted 8:30 p.m. April 16 by Robbie Friedman U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) (U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – The Capitol was home to the largest reported support rally for Israel in America’s history Monday as nearly 200,000 pro-Israeli demonstrators filled the area surrounding the congressional headquarters. The immense crowds gathered for a solidarity meeting to voice their support for […]

Gonzaga U. lawyers defend school from FERPA violation allegations

Posted 2:35 p.m. April 29 by Robbie Friedman U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) (U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – The boundaries of the Family Educational Privacy and Rights Act came under scrutiny during a Supreme Court hearing last week as lawyers for Gonzaga University defended school officials against allegations from a former student who wants the right to sue the […]

Bush endorses Energy Department’s Yucca Mountain plan

Posted 7:42 p.m. Feb. 26 by Robbie Friedman U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) (U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – President George W. Bush announced his endorsement of the Energy Department’s plan to store 77,000 metric tons of high-level radioactive waste in an underground complex in Nevada’s Yucca Mountain last week. The nuclear waste plan “is necessary to protect public safety, […]