Rob Reeve

Coulter takes jabs at Obama, Dems

Controversial New York Times best-selling author and conservative pundit Ann Coulter shared her views on domestic and foreign policy as well as the Republican Party’s chances in the 2012 election in a speech Wednesday in Funger Hall. Sponsored by the Young America’s Foundation, Coulter took repeated jabs at President Barack Obama and members of the […]

Nine D.C. high schoolers receive full scholarships to GW

The Stephen Joel Trachtenberg Scholarship, now in its 22nd year, provides full four-year scholarships covering tuition, room and board, books, and other fees, amounting to more than $200,000, to area students who have demonstrated academic excellence. Knapp, joined by admissions office director Karen Felton and mascot Little George, went to different high schools across the […]

NY Times editors talk media bias

One of the New York Times’ top editors had some choice words for Fox News and Wall Street Journal owner Rupert Murdoch Monday night, saying Murdoch’s news organizations are to blame for the public’s overall sense of cynicism regarding the American news industry. New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller said Murdoch’s Fox News has […]

Knapp honors vets on Veterans Day

Correction appended University President Steven Knapp praised the nearly 500 GW student veterans Thursday, saying the group has become a leader in the University’s commitment to service. The event, a celebration of Veterans Day, was meant to honor the service of U.S. Armed Forces members both past and present. “I’ve really admired the leadership role […]

General calls for reinstatement of draft

Four-star retired general Wesley Clark said Tuesday he supports a reinstitution of the draft. Speaking at the Elliott School of International Affairs, the one-time Democratic candidate for president said “selfish” Americans rely on the poor to serve in the Armed Forces and the draft would create an equal playing field. “I would personally like to […]

Former press secretaries share stories

Former White House press secretary Marlin Fitzwater said he had two rules during his tenure: Cave early and often, and grovel if you have to. Thursday night Fitzwater and Dana Perino, an adjunct faculty member in the GW Graduate School of Political Management, shared memories from their terms as the face of the White House. […]

New York Times columnist bashes pundits

New York Times columnist and veteran journalist Bob Herbert stressed the importance of journalistic integrity and avoiding the temptation to cover sensationalist stories Wednesday night at the School of Media and Public Affairs. Herbert – a fellow this year at SMPA – took issue with the presentation of almost every popular topic journalists tackle, including […]

Obama official urges excitement over midterms elections

Former Obama communications director Anita Dunn delivered a tough-love message to the College Democrats Wednesday night as she looked ahead to the midterm elections. “It’s your country too, you gotta fight for it, because the other side, they’re suited up, they’re on the field, and they’re playing for keeps,” Dunn said of the Republican Party […]