Rich Shelala

Hot shaves and hot women

The Grooming Lounge 1745 L St. N.W. Monday, March 31 . 4 p.m. Among the office buildings and lunch break eateries that crowd L Street between 18th and Connecticut is an inconspicuous edifice. It is the entrance to one of the area’s newest and most popular salons. Here’s the catch: it’s a male salon (I’ll […]

The Rich Life: If you like this, hire me!

When my editor asked me to write my first column on procrastination, I laughed at the irony of a born procrastinator giving advice on avoiding procrastination. Nevertheless, I churned out a few tongue-in-cheek tips. Then I got my second assignment, a Valentine’s Day guide. Again, funny topic for me, a guy coming off a rough […]

The Rich Life

Disclaimer: This month’s column is directed to my fellow cynical singles, so if you’re in a happy relationship, it’s best to skip this one. I don’t want to leave anyone out of my little rants, so here’s one word of advice for the couples – do something more original than ice skating at the sculpture […]

The Rich Life

Procrastination remains to be a very familiar concept to college students. After four years of experience with procrastination, I feel it my duty to start this semester off by giving a few tips about how to effectively study and avoid it. First off, my qualifications. I should begin right off the bat by mentioning that […]