Remy Tumin

G-Dub Grub

Whether you live in Thurston or Ivory, a great way to meet new people is by sharing a new dish. Consider these simple, farm-fresh, dorm-friendly recipes that are sure to impress. Bon appétit! Corn and Tomato Salad Servings: 4 Cooking time: 25 minutes 4 ears of corn 3 large tomatoes 1 bunch basil 4 tablespoons […]

Founding Farmers restaurant opens near campus

Students often walk by Kinkead’s Restaurant, their mouths watering with the temptation of spending the equivalent of three lunches on one crab cake. But those students now need only walk one more block to get the same satisfaction for half the price. Founding Farmers is a new farm-to-table restaurant at 19th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue […]

G-dub grub

Tired of J Street and missing Momma’s home cooking? Follow these dorm-friendly recipes for a homemade dinner to impress your roommates and friends. No oven? No problem. These recipes are microwaveable. Not only will you be making gourmet food in your room, but you will be reducing energy consumption by two-thirds by not using a […]