Remy Tumin

Cupcake wars: finding the perfect concoction

The beauty of a cupcake lies in its peacefulness, the instant satisfaction it evokes, and its ability to produce a smile no matter what. Some love the cake, while others could eat an entire bowl of frosting, but the true splendor comes in the total package. Cupcake shops are quickly becoming institutions in the District, […]

Food Column: Valentine’s night in

Sometimes keeping it low-key is the most romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day. Impress your significant other with a home-cooked meal that leaves you with extra cash to spend on better things than an extravagant restaurant bill. Munch on pita chips and hummus with some white wine while you finish preparing a meal with your […]

How to feast on Superbowl Sunday

Hosting a Super Bowl party doesn’t have to mean greasy, overpriced food. Why order when you can make your own? Stay away from the take-out menus and turn to these easy recipes to impress all of your guests. Broadcasting begins at 6 p.m. and kickoff is going to be about 30 minutes later, so be […]

Three ways for grilled cheese

Two simple ingredients, three flavorful meals. Bread and cheese can go a long way in a college student’s diet, and these variations can serve for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The best part – cheap, cheap, cheap. Even if you don’t have a kitchen, these versions of the classic grilled cheese can be easily adapted. Simply […]

Holiday Guide: The gift of sugar, flour and a lot of love

You don’t have to go overboard this holiday season to give a great gift. Food is one thing on everyone’s wish list. Make these tasty treats, wrap them up with a little extra love, and they’ll disappear in minutes. Pecan pralines Makes around 16. Special equipment: Candy thermometer and parchment paper 1. Combine sugars and […]

Five wines your wallet can handle

Put down the “Two Buck Chuck.” Walk away from the André. There are other cheap, but satisfying choices out there, and you don’t have to go far to find them. Wine snobs and newbies alike will appreciate this list of great buys at Trader Joe’s. Les Caves Joseph Bordeaux Type: Bordeaux Blanc Country of Origin: […]

Fresh, easy recipes for fall

Ramen Noodles, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Easy Mac can only go so far during midterms. Try these easy and tasty recipes for something more satisfying than meals in weeks past. Don’t feel like sharing? These recipes make for great leftovers all week long. Stadium Style Sausage and Peppers serves 2 Cooking time: 25 […]

Ranking the best pizza pies off campus

We’re taking the challenge off campus and into the heart of the District as we continue to try to find the best pizza in D.C. While you might have to take a Metro ride to get there, these places are worth the trip. (See our rankings from last week of pizzas on campus.) First Place: […]

Ranking the best pizza pies on campus

Good pizza can be hard to come by in D.C., but we’re determined to find it. We’re putting on-campus pizza to the test to see where you can get the best slice of pie without leaving Foggy Bottom. Check out next week’s issue for best off-campus pizza. Let the tasting begin! First Place: Froggy Bottom […]

Farmers’ markets offer fresh, local food options

Tired of getting all your groceries from Safeway or Trader Joe’s? Farmers’ markets around the city are great places to find local farmers and artisans selling vegetables, meats, eggs, cheese, pasta, baked goods and flowers. The Foggy Bottom Farmers’ Market is organized by Fresh Farm Markets, which has markets in other D.C. neighborhoods like Dupont […]