Regina Park

Pop-up ‘Famous’ screening draws crowd of hundreds

When Yeezus called, the whole District answered. Kanye West, the rapper behind album “Life of Pablo,” tweeted four locations in D.C. where he would screen his infamous “Famous” Sunday night and early Monday morning. One of those addresses was the corner of 22 and G streets at Funger Hall. MACOMB STREET NW AND WISCONSIN AVENUE @ 10:30PM […]

Guide ranks D.C. neighborhoods based on livability

Raleigh Warner, the co-founder of Jumpshell, is helping people decide which D.C. neighborhood they should live in with his comprehensive ranking of neighborhoods in the District. Georgetown was ranked first on the list of best neighborhoods. Foggy Bottom made the list, but it came in last at 14th place. The guide includes a list of […]

Nostalgia food tour

Treat your taste buds to a nostalgic food tour that’ll take you back with the first bite, no matter how far away you are from home.