Reena Ninan

Daisy makes dining a Rich experience

“Customer First” is written on the white button Daisy Rich wears on her forest green apron. The message has become more than a slogan for her. With sliver-rimmed glasses perched on her nose, she sings a song she created: “Oh I got your card. I got your meal deal, baby.” To many students, Rich may […]

Muslims rally for U.S. ground troops in Kosovo

GW’s Muslim Students Association and Students Against Sanction joined area Muslims at a rally in Lafayette Park Saturday to call for the use of ground troops to aid predominantly Muslim ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. Children held posters calling for U.S. troops to intervene in Kosovo. Muslim women who wore white hijabs – scarves covering their […]

Cash compensation entices students to donate eggs, sperm

Fertility clinics are increasingly targeting college students for egg and sperm donations through advertisements in college newspapers – a trend some medical professionals say could be exploitating students. Potential health risks aside, students may find the financial incentives to donate often are too enticing to ignore. Some fertility clinics offer donors as much as $3,000, […]

STATS teaches safe sex to high schoolers

The American Medical Students Association is implementing its first AIDS awareness outreach program to local high schools. Students Teaching AIDS to Students educators will present information to high school students ages 14 to 16. Members said they hope to reduce the AIDS epidemic by teaching students safe sex practices. “We’re hoping to spread around the […]