Rebekah Jennings

In ‘Imagine Cup,’ students with computers compete for gold

Thanks to Microsoft and other companies, students no longer need to be Division I athletes to dream of competing in the Olympics. The Imagine Cup is a technology development competition designed to find the best software and web designers in the world that has been dubbed the “Software Olympics.” Instead of medals, though, these athletes […]

‘Fat Studies’ vies for academic acceptance

Students could soon see courses in “Fat Studies” in their schedule of classes if a group of academics and activists has its way. Fat Studies scholars attempt to examine the political and social consequences of being overweight in much the same way that academics have turned their attention to other marginalized groups like women and […]

Frat brothers lash back at ‘Borat’

It is never a good idea to get drunk and then appear on camera. Three fraternity brothers from the University of South Carolina learned this lesson the hard way after their drunken ramblings were shown in the film “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America Make Benefit for Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.” In the film, which hit […]

‘Cyworld’ hopes to challenge Facebook, MySpace

A Korean company wonders if Americans consider social sites like MySpace to be as close to their hearts as their friends. Cyworld, the Korean equivalent of networking sites like MySpace, Friendster, and Facebook, hopes that American teenagers and college students are open to meeting a new friend. That friend is Cyworld. Launched in America in […]