Ranjan Chhibber

Cinema Sinner: Reflections of Evil

To enjoy this film with your date: Clothing: B.U.M. Equipment Food: Liquor chocolates found in the garbage can Music: “Promises” by The Carpenters Everyone left for Thanksgiving, spending astronomical amounts of money to go home for three days. This befuddles my mind because the longer December break is a mere three weeks away. Do the […]

Cinema Sinner: The Backyard

To enjoy this film with your date: Clothes: Austin 3:16 shirts Food: Whatever you can eat with a few teeth missing Music: Marilyn Mason’s “The Fight Song” What is it with you people? A sea of Yankees and Red Sox hats were all I saw for a few weeks. Now, it’s football and basketball team […]

Cinema Sinner: Opera

To enjoy this film with your date: Clothes: Black tux and formal wear with blood stains Food: Italian Music: The Three Tenors vs. Iron Maiden Some people feel superior when shoving “class” and “culture” down everyone else’s throats. They will turn off an amazing Ultimate Fighting match that their friend is watching, and flip on […]

Cinema Sinner: Crawlspace

Disclaimer: These films deal with deranged material and are meant for mature audiences only. To enjoy this film with your date: Clothes: A college moving company’s T-shirt Food: Your filthy roomate’s dried puke Music: “Dead Man on Campus” soundtrack You come home and find your place trashed. Your John Belushi “Animal House” poster has been […]

Cinema Sinner: Man Bites Dog

Everywhere I go, students are talking about “reality television” shows, from the kids skipping class at Kogan Plaza to the bastion of intellectually devoid speech – the Mount Vernon shuttle bus. First it was MTV’s annoying “Real World,” then came “Survivor” and now the suicide-inducing “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” One must paradoxically turn […]