Rachel Weiner

WEB UPDATE: Lily Allen is more than alright

Posted Thursday, Feb. 22, 2:26 p.m. Lily Allen doesn’t take requests. “I can’t fucking hear you, and anyway this is my gig,” she shouted at fans at the 9:30 Club Saturday night. When a group of guys found it necessary to inform her that they were from Atlanta, she cheerfully screamed back, “We’re in D.C., […]

Brokedown Brits

Bea, one of the characters in “Breaking and Entering,” doesn’t understand the concept of metaphors. She should consider herself lucky, because her world is filled with some real clunky ones – not to mention all the awkward similes and inept analogies. Director and writer Anthony Minghella (“Cold Mountain”) is making a statement about communication in […]

Keeping it simple

During his interview with The Hatchet, Demetri Martin is looking for parking. “Two dollars for every 15 minutes?” he asks a woman. “I don’t want to park here. That’s really expensive. I hate Los Angeles. What a terrible place.” The New York-based comedian usually moves by skateboard or bike. He’s driving around L.A. to work […]

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern aren’t dead

“We’re actors – we’re the opposite of people,” members of the Generic Theatre Company kept telling me. It’s a line from their upcoming production of Tom Stoppard’s “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead,” opening tonight. Whatever it means, it’s probably not true – but the Generic players don’t want anyone to take them (or the production) […]

“Death of a President” misses its mark

What if President Bush was assassinated and no one could see it? That’s the controversy over “Death of a President,” Brit Gabriel Range’s fictional documentary of a future assassination. Hillary Clinton called it “despicable” without having actually, technically, you know, seen it. Major film chains have refused to carry the film, citing fears of copycat […]

WEB EXTRA: “Prestige” is a neat trick

“The Prestige” begins with a magic trick. Cutter (Michael Caine) explains the mechanics of magic to a young girl. First there’s the pledge, when the magician presents an ordinary object – in this case a bird in a cage. Then there’s the turn – when the cage disappears. But people don’t applaud, he explains, until […]