Rachel Milkovich

Capturing Jewish culture on the silver screen

Forty-seven films from 15 different countries will appear on screens across the District beginning Dec. 1, bringing together a diverse celebration of Jewish culture. The first Washington Jewish Film Festival premiered with only eight independent films. Twenty-two years later the number of film entries has increased to fill 10 days worth of screenings in nine […]

Creating a new flavor

A Vietnamese take on Asian fusion opens its doors on Foggy Bottom Monday. BONMi, at 19th and I streets, serves affordable Vietnamese “bánh mì” sandwiches made with meat and tofu and prepared using a healthy sous-vide cooking method. The sous-vide method utilizes vacuum-sealed food prepared in a water bath, cooking the ingredients at a slow […]

Untold stories steal the stage

All roads lead to a story. A belief the National Geographic-sponsored All Roads Film Festival, which brings stories of minority and indigenous groups to the big screen, hopes to spread to filmmakers. The festival will run from Sept. 14 to 18, featuring more than 40 films that highlight cultures from 24 diverse countries. The event […]

D.C. Shorts Film Festival take over the big screen

Keep it short, keep it reel. The tagline of this year’s D.C. Shorts Film festival sums it up – mini films with maximum heart. Director of the festival Jon Gann said the revamped film showcase has a more tapas approach this fall, allowing viewers to taste a little of everything. The D.C. Shorts Film Festival […]

Five can’t-miss shorts at the D.C Shorts Film Festival

Abduct Me Director: Lucien Knotter Genre: Comedy Why you should see it: This humorous short follows Fox, a young guy who just cannot seem to make it through a date without propositioning a girl for sex. That is, until he is suddenly abducted by a beautiful alien-girl named Argon. While Argon is simply trying to […]