Rachel Lee

Spring Break Guide: Party: Atlantic City, N.J.

Under $500 Dates: March 10 through March 16 For students on a budget and looking for an adult playground, Atlantic City is a convenient alternative to the pricier Vegas. Considered the gambling capital of the east coast, Atlantic City has a wealth of daytime activities and nighttime parties to choose from. No matter what your […]

Holiday Shopping Guide: Classics Corner

Book versus DVD Book In the finals season, with an increased workload, it can be hard to remember that books can be fun. Give your friends timeless gifts they enjoy and can add to their shelves – get them a book. A well-chosen book can show that even if you weren’t sure what else to […]

Holiday Shopping Guide: Homey Corner

Single Cup Brewer versus Classic Coffee Maker Single Cup Brewer Even avoiding expensive coffee shop lattes, sometimes a typical pot of brewed coffee at home isn’t a great alternative either. There may be different types of coffee, but that only goes so far – what if you want a mocha, or a tea latte? A […]

Holiday Shopping Guide: Experiences Corner

Concert Tickets versus Theater Tickets Concert Tickets There is a type of concert for anyone. Choosing concert tickets for someone shows that you know a thing or two about their tastes and taking the extra time to secure tickets is part of the gift. It’s safe to stick to concerts they’ll enjoy, but don’t be […]

Holiday Shopping Guide: College Corner

Gift Card versus Actual Present Gift Card For all the flak they catch as being the typically thoughtless gift, in reality gift cards are still really valuable (and not just monetarily) for recipients. They can have personal value, as well as a dollar-amount face value, because the business from which you purchase the card is […]