Rachel Barker

Gender gap hinders dating, some say

Finding romance is never easy, but some female students at GW say that thanks to a double-digit gender imbalance, finding a boyfriend may be just as hard of an assignment as acing an astronomy exam or churning out a term paper. Female students on campus outnumber their male counterparts 57 to 43 percent – a […]

GW names new VP for development

The new head of the University’s Office of Development outlined broad plans for increasing fundraising and called for the creation of a culture of philanthropy at GW Wednesdayduring a meeting announcing his appointment to the position. Starting April 5, the University’s new vice president of Development and Alumni Relations, Michael Morsberger, will lead GW’s efforts […]

GW looks to launch 10 research centers

In a bid to become a top-tier research institution, the University is moving forward with its efforts in six separate areas of research and will add four more to its plate. In September, Vice President for Research Leo Chalupa named autism, computational biology, science policy, energy, sustainability, and neglected diseases as six areas in which […]

Medical school wins $15 million research grant

The School of Medicine and Health Sciences was awarded Wednesday a multi-million dollar grant from the National Institutes of Health to aid research in neglected diseases, according to a University news release. The $15 million grant will go toward rebuilding laboratories to study neglected diseases and infections that affect poverty-stricken areas, research professor Dr. Peter […]

Research grants fall by nearly 20 percent in 2009

Federal research grants awarded to the University fell more than 18 percent in 2009 after a research grant funding a diabetes research center was moved elsewhere, the University’s chief research officer said last week. Federal grants declined from $110 million in 2008 to $90 million in 2009, which Vice President for Research Leo Chalupa attributed […]

GW doctors aid rescues in Haiti

Rescuers were working to extricate a victim from the collapsed remains of the university in Port au Prince when they suddenly heard another voice. Trapped under multiple collapsed floors and desperately needing medical attention, the woman called out to the rescue personnel – which included a team of GW doctors and volunteers working to free […]

Student groups unite to plan Haiti relief

Powerful stories and images of the death, destruction and despair emerging from Haiti after the small Caribbean country was rocked by a massive earthquake last Tuesday have united the GW community in efforts to help. Although University President Steven Knapp reported “no George Washington students or employees were in Haiti” during the earthquake, more than […]

Reporters tell tales from campaign trail

Journalists and former campaign officials told tales from the 2008 presidential election trail Monday night at the Elliott School, detailing the role of embedded reporters in one of the longest presidential campaigns in recent history. The embedded reporters – who represented major media outlets during the campaign – chronicled the unique journalistic challenges involved in […]

Move to nix political research funds fails

An amendment proposed by a U.S. senator that would have prevented the National Science Foundation from funding political science research and put the University’s political science program in jeopardy failed this week, much to the relief of some University officials. U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., proposed an amendment last month that aimed to “prohibit the […]

GW center unites service projects

Less than two months into the race to fulfill first lady Michelle Obama’s community service challenge, the University announced the creation of a Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service. The new center was first announced at the Celebration of Service event last week where alumna Tammy Duckworth was presented with GW’s first-ever Colin Powell […]