Prerna Rao

Awakening to a new location

The D.C. sculpture of a man struggling to escape from the earth will finally break free from its home of 28 years. The sculpture, entitled, “The Awakening,” will be moved from Hains Point near the National Mall to a location in Maryland near the Potomac River this March, said Amy Blank, the associate curator of […]

Jumping jitters

As a junior in college feeling the pressure of an intense course load and approaching midterms, the annual urge to do something that would take my mind off it all came like clockwork. Weekend socializing and late-night monument tours just were not cutting it for me anymore. A friend and I sat down one day […]

Weekly Checkup: Exhaustion

Ever get that feeling where your brain’s about to burst and your body feels restless? That feeling may be more than the one you usually get after a night full of partying, studying or whatever else you do. That feeling could be exhaustion. According to Web MD, a medical Web site, there is no set […]

Gay chorus finds home in Gelman

Nearly 20 years ago, the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington had trouble finding venues that would book their performances. They were even prohibited from performing at Lisner Auditorium. Now Lisner is one of the most frequent venues for the chorus and this August Gelman Library began archiving the chorus’ historic and culturally significant materials. “This […]

Weekly Checkup: Mononucleosis

On sultry summer nights in the District, we are all tempted to relax and get in touch with our romantic sides. On a college campus on these tempting evenings, students need to balance work, sometimes classes, and their personal life, which could culminate in catching mononucleosis for a month, whether it is with a significant […]

Intriguing Sophomores: What a Difference a Year Makes

Freshman year is about taking risks and getting involved. The following four sophomores had freshman experiences that went above and beyond what they expected. The intriguing sophomores reminisce about their pasts, passions and the part-time jobs they had last year. They also try to give advice and inspire incoming freshmen who desire an atypical underclass […]

Gay at GW: a culture of acceptance

The sight of two boys kissing at GW isn’t a rare scene. GW has a large gay population, leading one to believe that gay students have an easier time fitting in and being accepted than in environments where they are a small minority. While most students would probably describe the overall atmosphere on campus as […]

Skype as a language-learning tool

Most GW professors would rather hear nails scraped across a blackboard than allow their students to talk on the phone or connect to the Internet during class, but professor Richard M. Robin lets his students do just that. Starting this week, students in Robin’s Intensive Basic Russian, course will be making some long distance phone […]

Smokers’ last night out

It’s a chilly night outside The Big Hunt, a bar near Dupont Circle on Connecticut Ave. Senior Sam Raker is bundled up; he can see his breath when he exhales, and it seems like he is already smoking the cigarette which he will light only after settling down in the warm bar. Inside, with a […]