Pieter vanNoordennen

Art students take matters into their own hands

Students in GW’s art department are taking a page out of history in order to get more of their works shown. Dissatisfied with the small number of entries allowed in this year’s student art show put on by the Department of Fine Arts and Art History at the Dimock Gallery, nine students are hosting their […]

Nine Stories Up gets a step up from GW

To say that Nine Stories Up is a GW-oriented band would be putting it lightly. Most members of the rock quintet, which performed Tuesday at GW Unplugged in the Hippodrome, have known each other since they were freshman in Thurston Hall, practicing in their ninth-floor bathroom. Lately, Nine Stories Up has been busting out. After […]

One Day In September tries to redefine documentary

With Israeli-Palestinian tensions flaring, One Day In September, a new documentary from director Kevin MacDonald, could not be more timely. The film, which seeks to redefine the way documentaries are seen, is a look at the 1972 Palestinian terrorist attack at the Munich Olympic Games. The film opens with clips from a 1970s travel video […]

Generic Theatre prepares for play marathon

Most plays aren’t written, cast, rehearsed and performed in a day. This weekend’s Generic Theatre Company performance is not like most plays. Starting Friday night, Generic will begin its third 24-Hour Play, an acting and producing marathon that requires all the thought, creativity and planning that goes into plays minus the weeks of preparation. Friday […]

Laib exhibit at Hirshhorn goes au natural

Naturally, exhibits at the Hirshhorn Museum of Modern Art are going to be a little different. The Hirshorn’s current exhibit, Wolfgang Laib: A Retrospective fits this description perfectly. Showcasing the work of German artist Wolfgang Laib, the exhibit abounds with works that go beyond the scope of what is normally considered art. Laib works exclusively […]

Requiem for a Dream entertains

Our generation has seen a lot. Growing up with violent images hurled at us on television, at the movies and in video games, it takes a lot to shock the youth of today. In Requiem for a Dream (Artisan), director Darren Aronofsky (Pi) sets out to create a horror movie that will shock the young […]

Generic gets freaky in Signs of Life

Hatchet rating: 3.5 hatchets If P. T. Barnum, a psychotic gynochologist, Henry James, his lesbian, masochistic sister Alice, her lover/nurse, an abusive mental hospital warden and a cast of freaks all walked into a bar, Signs of Life, The Generic Theater Company’s newest production, would be the punch-line. The play, written by Joan Schenkar, centers […]